How To Pick Gifts For Children By Their Age

When you are choosing gifts for children, it can be quite tricky. It can be hard to get the balance right from something that they enjoy with characters they like, to things that will actually help them learn and be beneficial to them. Plus, all children are different, and the requirements they have for toys can change quite quickly. Tastes can change quite quickly too. How many of us have bought a gift knowing it was their favorite character and then after a couple of months they no longer like that character?

So if you have some children’s birthdays coming up this year, then here are a few ideas, by age, to help you find gifts for children. Hope it helps!


For Children Aged 1
When a little one is approaching their first birthday, it can be difficult. As they are still pretty limited in terms of what they can do. They might not even be walking yet, for example. So something like a walker is a great idea. It could be in the style of a pushchair, shopping cart or just a cart that they can push along. It will encourage them to take steps and get walking, as well as boosting their confidence if they are already walking independently. A pull along toy is a good idea, as when they are up and about, it is fun to pull along with them. Simple puzzles and musical toys are great for a child’s first birthday too.
When your children are one, it can also be a good time to wrap up some of the things that they will be getting anyway. So if they need some new bibs, sippy cup or clothes, then wrap them up as gifts too. If your little one hasn’t got their first pair of shoes yet, then their first birthday is a good time to get them a pair. It is best to get their feet measured properly for this kind of thing, though.

For children aged 2

When it is a child’s second birthday, they can do so much more. They will be enjoying messy play and arts and crafts. So things like sticker books, puzzles, crayons, and paints are a good idea. Playdough is fun for two-year-olds too. At this stage in their development, they will enjoy making and creating, so creative things are a good idea. Pretend play is also a big part of being a two-year-old. So a play kitchen could be a good idea, as well as a tool set or workbench, for example. Dressing up clothes are also a winner at this stage. They will have identified different characters that they like and will enjoy dressing up as those characters.

For children aged 3

When children get to the age of three, they will be well into pretend play and enjoy creating characters. So some figurines or dolls could be a good idea for a three-year-old. It is also a good time for them to learn to be more active outside. A scooter or a balance bike is a great idea for a three-year-old. It will help them to gain confidence in playing outside, and will mean that when it comes to learning to ride a proper bike, that they will be a step ahead of the rest. Other outdoor games could be a good idea, such as a bubble wand, bubble machine or water table to use outside. A sandpit or a mini trampoline could be a good idea too. Kids love to be active at this age, so keep them as active as possible with the gifts that you choose for them.


For children aged 4 – 5

Children at this age are pretty certain about what they like, and you’ll see what particular passions they have. It could be something like dinosaurs, animals, or space, for example. So any gifts relating to those passions is a good idea. It could be a good age to introduce a play tablet or something like a Nintendo DS. Then they can play some games and learn to be creative in that way. A console like a Wii could also be a good idea, as it is something that the whole family can play with and does encourage them to be a little more active than if they were sat by themselves. Building and creating is important at this age too, and they might show signs of enjoying things like Lego. So sets of Lego that they can either get creative with, or follow the instructions with can be really good gift ideas.

For children aged 6 – 8

I have found that at this age, children are much more conscious of what they are choosing to wear. So girls might like some hair bands or accessories, or boys might want to choose the sneakers that they wear. Involving them in choosing the clothes that they wear can be a fun gift for them. It gives them accountability over their choices, as well as helping them to feel confident in how they look, which is important at any age.

For other kinds of gifts at this age, it will depend on their tastes. Family games are always a good idea, as it will encourage you all playing together. Other things to help them learn could be a magic set or something like a telescope. Chemistry sets to use at home can be fun and educational for them too. By now they should have learned to ride a bike, so it could be that a new bike or helmet is what you choose to get them. They might be showing signs for a favorite sports team or music band. If so, band memorabilia or a sports team kit could be a good idea for a gift. Playing a musical instrument at these ages is a good time to start too. So it could be that they are given a new guitar or music books for their birthday. Just encourage the passions that they are showing, with the gifts that you are choosing.

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