Repurposing Your Rubies For Fun With The Family

You don’t need us to tell you that your priorities change when you become a parent. Suddenly, you’re not your primary focus anymore. Your brain power and physical energy is spent on your children. And, as well as this mental shift, there’s usually a physical one. Rather than having as much space for your stuff as you desire, you may have to get rid of your things to make more space for your children.

Of course, it’s a sacrifice any mother is willing to make. But, that’s not to say there won’t be a few difficult decisions along the way. One place where you may struggle is your jewelry collection. A weighty jewelry box can take up a lot of space, and you won’t even have much occasion to wear those pieces anymore. But, still, giving them away can be difficult. To ensure you feel better about the process, consider ways you can help your family by repurposing those pieces. And, to get you started, we’re going to look at a few of your options.


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Paying for days out


If you decide to sell your jewelry or pawn the more expensive pieces, you could spend the excess money on your kids. And, given that it’s a bonus amount, why not use it for something fun, like a day out? Though it may seem painful handing over that gold necklace, you’ll soon be glad you did it when you’re out with your kids. Some things are just more important. You can treat them to a picnic in the park, or even take for a day at the zoo with your funds. Make it a real event of it to ensure you don’t regret the move!

Dressing up clothes

Of course, you could always hand down some of your pieces. For obvious reasons, the family heirlooms are best kept in a safe place. But, your kids are sure to enjoy your cheaper pieces of jewelry when dressing up. If you haven’t worn a necklace or bracelet for a year or more, you can rest pretty easy that you aren’t going to use it again. So, as well as clearing up space, putting these pieces in the costume box will ensure they find a new and loving home. And, you could always dig them out again if you get the desire to wear them.

Crafting pieces


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Crafting activities always go down well with kids. And, the more weird and wacky stuff you have to offer them, the more fun and creative your sessions can be. It should go without saying that your expensive pieces should not end up on your child’s next artistic masterpiece. But, cheaper pieces you don’t use anymore could be ideal for this. Rather than investing in a pack of beads for the purpose, find some from old necklaces and bracelets. You could even make use of that elastic within your sessions. In no time, your unused jewelry will be transformed into the latest picture you stick on your fridge.

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