Respecting Modern Laws While Knowing Your Rights

It’s everybody’s civic duty to abide by the law of the land; without doing so, society crumbles and anarchy replaces it. Laws were designed and put into place to not only protect people from other people who may wish to do them harm in many different ways but also to protect the citizen from the state. Legal issues about our rights aren’t always clear, and with hundreds and hundreds of years of modern civilization, comes with it, quite literally hundreds of thousands of laws, amendments, re-wordings, and abolishments. It’s in your best interest to keep up to date with the modern legal issues of the world and how they might affect your life one day.

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Copyright infringement

With the advent of social media, website likes Facebook, Twitter and video sharing platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, the lines of content appropriation have been blurred. Just by doing something trivial or typical you may be breaking the law. If you use a copyrighted song in a video, you upload to YouTube you could be infringing on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. However, most of the time, if you have not just picked up and placed down material you don’t own onto your various accounts in their raw form, you are safe. The ‘Fair Use Act’ is there to protect you from hungry wolves who just want to make an example of you. If you have edited, spoken over, or demonitized a video which contains other people’s or entity’s works, you are not liable to legal action because you have made it uniquely your’s.


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Fighting for your rights

Being arrested is one of the most stressful experience you’re likely to face. Although the police should be revered for all the hard work they do, and men and women in blue, put their lives on the line for all of us, it doesn’t mean you should roll over whenever they ask. If you’re pulled over wrongfully, and without proper cause, you should be suspect of what’s going on. If a policeman or woman, arrests you on drink driving offenses but you feel you’re innocent, do not suffer in silence because once an offense is recorded, your record will be tarnished for life, affecting your job prospects. Speak to somebody like DWI attorney Grant Scheiner, who has the knowledge and experience to respectfully fight for your rights, using evidence and logical argumentation.

Simple driving errors can cost you

Equally, don’t do silly things like wearing headphones while you drive, and don’t text or speak to someone on the phone either. You can, however, pull over to the side of the road and text or call someone; just make sure that your engine is off, and for extra measure, the key is not in the ignition. Some national, region or city-state laws allow for tinted windows, but most do not as a safety hazard for the police. Check the regulations out for yourself via a website or town hall before getting a fine. Equally important is to fight laziness. If you have a balding tyre with little to no tread, this is dangerous for you and the people around you, when driving in the rain. Fight the urge to stave off fitting new tyres and play it safe.

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