Safety And Style: Ingenious Interior Tips For Moms

When you’re a parent, you have to think about safety as well as a style when it comes to redecorating or remodeling your home. It’s important that your home is a safe haven for your kids, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t look incredible too. If you’re a mommy with an interest in interiors, here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve amazing looks, which work for the whole family.

Creating separate areas

Many modern homes boast open living areas, which are ideal for family life. The open layout enables everyone to socialize in the same area and gifts families the opportunity to spend more time together. If you have a large space, there’s scope to section off areas to create distinguished zones. In one corner, you could have an area for the kids to watch TV, paint, and play games. In another section, you could have a workstation for older children to do their homework. You can create a relaxing hideout with a teepee, some floor cushions, and a small bookshelf. Once you’ve sorted the kids, you can focus on adults-only zones. You may want to commandeer a couch for watching movies or take over a corner for sewing, reading, writing, or drawing.

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Choosing the right materials

When you’re decorating, and you’ve got kids, try and opt for materials that are tough and durable. Children can be heavy-handed, and let’s face it, accidents will happen. If you don’t have at least a few spillages or muddy footprints to contend with, you’re very lucky! Don’t be afraid to use outdoor rugs indoors, especially close to the back door, and choose sofa fabrics, which will put up some resistance to the energy and enthusiasm of young kids. Rattan is a good choice for furniture in garden rooms and conservatories, and solid wood chests, coffee tables, and wardrobes should stand the test of time. Try and avoid glass tables and go for dark colors when you’re choosing rugs, cushions, sofas, and chairs.

Getting your storage right

If you walk into a family home, you’re normally greeted with the sight of toys, books, and games. Even a tidy pile can detract from a beautiful interior and make the place look cluttered, and this is why clever storage is so important. If you have the right storage, this enables you to tidy away toys quickly, and conceal them from sight when they’re not in use. You can choose from pull-out drawers and wall-mounted units, or you could convert nooks and crannies into storage spaces. Under-stair cupboards always provide useful storage, for example. If you’re looking for ideas, have a look at sites like

Fancy framing

Every parent is proud of their children’s artistic masterpieces, and there are stylish ways of exhibiting their work. Rather than attaching a load of images to the fridge with magnets or simply sticking them to the wall, create a gallery by using frames of different shapes and sizes. This will create a stylish focal point, which will also make your house look more homely. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out

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