School’s Out! Spring Break Activities For Kids

Spring break is the best thing in the world when you’re a kid, but the hardest thing to deal with when you’re a parent! Not because you don’t want the kids at home, but having the usual routine broken and needing to think of activities for them to do while they’re away from school isn’t easy. Spring break is usually just a week long, meaning that your usual routine gets interrupted and only for a short amount of time. This can cause some major disruption in the kids, depending on their ages, so keeping busy is key.

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You don’t have to spend every penny you have to fill their spring break week with exciting days out and impressive things to do, but you do have to get a little creative and think about things to keep the boredom at bay. Hopefully you live somewhere where the weather won’t be a problem for you, but if you do you’ll appreciate the indoor tips we have for you in our list here:

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Hold an indoor disco. Whatever the age, all you need is a darkened room, music and lights flashing which can come from smartphone screens. Add in a game of musical statues, some neighbourhood friends and snacks and you’ve got yourself a giggle party on your hands.

Get gardening. Your kids can learn so much about the great outdoors just by getting their hands dirty. Whether they like to play with basketball hoop above the garage or plant in the soil right alongside you, there’s a lot that can be done outside during spring break. If you are planning on installing or cleaning a pool in the back, make sure you get the right equipment and accessories from first!

Teach them to cook! Spring break is the perfect time in their schedule to keep the educational juices flowing but with hands-on activities. Get the kids around the table and choose some recipes together for desserts or lunches for the week that they can create themselves. This can be anything from pizzas to cupcakes. It’s fun to learn to cook and not only are you giving them some essential skills – yes, cupcakes are an essential – you’re also spending time bonding with them.

Talent competitions through painting, making and singing are another way to occupy their time. Give them tasks like painting the house you live in to the best of their ability, or collectively making a papier Mache solar system using newspaper, glue, paint and balloons. Not only are they learning, but they’re learning how to work together. By making it a contest, you fuel the fires of competition and working as hard as possible. All you need to decide on are the prizes you’ll give.

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Lots of kids simply want to chill out during Spring break and not bother doing much at all, which is just as good a way to spend their time after the rigours of school. Take time to just be with the kids; they’re not young for very long.

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