Sick & Tired Of Your Home Feeling Overcrowded But Don’t Have The Budget To Move?

If your family has started to outgrow your home, but your budget won’t allow you to move at the moment, you might be feeling trapped. Living in a space that’s overcrowded is never going to be enjoyable, so you need to find simple ways to making your home look and feel more spacious. Something that, believe it or not, is much easier than you would think to do.

Have a read of the tips and ideas below, and you should be able to make your home feel a little less crowded and more spacious, making it a nicer place to live.


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The first step to making your home look and feel less crowded is to declutter. Admittedly, decluttering isn’t always easy or enjoyable, but if you want a nice home, then it needs to be done. Don’t attempt to rush the process, declutter when you have the time. Set aside one day on the weekend to purely focus on decluttering. Go through everything and organize as you go. Anything that you don’t want bag up ready to take to the dump to get rid of.

Utilize unused space

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A lot of families make the mistake of failing to utilize unused space, such as the attic and basement. However, if you want to make your home look and feel less crowded, it’s a good idea to utilize any spare space that you have. For instance, say you have an attic that barely gets used, consider transforming it into an extra living space. It could be used as a bedroom, a bathroom, or even a playroom for your little ones. It doesn’t matter what you use the additional space for, just as long as it makes your home feel less crowded. If you’re going to add a bedroom to your attic, how about adding an ensuite as well? That way, there would be fewer of you using one bathroom. To keep costs low, how about looking into bathroom pods instead of building a bathroom from scratch?

Be smart about storage

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One of the main reasons that family homes feel overcrowded is simply because there’s a lack of storage. Ask yourself, does your home have adequate storage space? If the answer is yes, ask yourself whether you’re taking full advantage of it. Perhaps you’re not using your storage space in a smart way. To get some tips and ideas for making the most of your storage space, take the time to browse Pinterest – there are some incredible ideas on there! If your home doesn’t have enough storage space, the chances are that’s the problem. The best storage space is built-in storage. However, if that’s not an option, then there are plenty of other storage options, it’s just a case of getting a little creative with it, that’s all.

So there you have it, ideas for making your home look and feel less overcrowded. Take note of the above ideas, and you can revamp your home, making it a much less crowded space.

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