Small Garden. Big Ideas.

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Not all of us can afford to live in the countryside or have an apartment with a rooftop terrace or a terraced house with a far-reaching front and back lawn. Some of us have to manage with small courtyards. But small doesn’t mean boring. Small means fun. Small means getting to explore space-saving ideas, and space-saving ideas are usually always creative, innovative and gorgeous. Don’t believe us, have a look for yourself.


The Walls

A great way to make your space look more wow is to use the walls to great effect. You are an artist and they are your canvases. So why not dress them up a little. Have a wall where you install a vertical herb garden, by which we really do mean vertical. Just get yourself a trellis, some small plant pots – either with handles or buy some hangers – and voila, you have a herb garden. Or why not make your wall a feature wall with serious depth, one that makes your space seem both magical and bigger. A great way to do this is with mirrors. Frame some mirrors and stick them up. Maybe even tilt them slightly upward so they reflect any surrounding trees, or even the stars (fairy-lights will do). Or why not create some wall art out of bright plants and little flowers. There are loads of ways to get creative.


Water Feature

These don’t have to be big. In fact, smaller is better. Build yourself a little pond or rock pool, use it as a centrepiece or even make a rock waterfall in one of the corners. The great thing about having a small space is, any water feature will have a massive effect on your peace and tranquility. How? Well, the trickling water from your corner-fall will be heard, and there is nothing more relaxing than trickling water.


Floor space

Grass is probably not an option. It’s a hassle to get a lawn-mower into a compact garden and a real pain to try and cut grass with nail-scissors. As such, why not get your place decked. Or better yet, lay some fake grass. This will give off that green vibe we all love. Looking out your window as you wash up, your grass lawn looking fresh and clean. What’s more kids and dad will love it just as much. They will be able to kick a ball about. Or listen here, even better than football, they will be able to practice their putting game before the weekend round of golf.


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Go over the top with pots. Big, small, oversized; chuck them into your small space and fill them with all sorts, an array of things from tomatoes to wildflowers to roses and palms. Then put a nice relaxing chair in their and a side table and you’ve created your own little escape from the life’s stresses. Your own little tranquillity garden. Mmmmmmm.


Hide and Seek

A great way to obscure the size of your garden is to hide the boundaries. Through some creepers at the fence, some ivy or something. Because my hiding your boundaries you are obscuring the true size which leads to your space appearing bigger than it is. The way this works is gorgeously simple. You can’t see it all from any one vantage point which means you can’t see where it ends. Bingo. Bigger garden. Sort of.


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