Summer Lovin’: Preparing Your Home for the Hottest Season

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If you love summer like mice like cheese, you will not doubt be counting down the months until the best season comes calling, but instead of waiting and wishing that the weather was better, why not put the months before summer to good use by getting your home reading for the season?


It might seem a bit premature, but if you want your summer to be one of the best for you and your family, there are so many things you can do now to ensure you all have a fantastic time, without having to worry about many of the usual summer chores, when the hottest month finally shows its face.


Check out these summer organising tips that you can do any time of the year:


Shop for Summer Staples

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If your summer wardrobe is starting to look a little threadbare, why not take the time to shop for some new summer outfits right now? When you shop for your summer wardrobe out of season, you can often getter better deals, and you won’t have to worry about shuffling around clothes stores when things heat up, and you’d rather be sipping a cocktail by the pool.


Check Your Air Conditioning

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At least a couple of months before summer hits, you should check that your air conditioning is working correctly, and get in touch with an air conditioning repair company if you find anything wrong. Even if your air conditioning seems to be in good working order, it might still be worth calling in a professional to have it serviced, so that it doesn’t fail when you need it most.


Spring Clean Your Freezer

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Summer is the perfect time for ice cream and popsicles, so if you don’t want to disappoint your kids with their favourite frozen treats, and help them keep cool in the heat, you will want to empty, defrost and declutter your fridge before summer time comes rolling.


Spruce Up the Garden

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If you plan to spend a lot of time in your garden this summer and your garden isn’t in the best shape, now is the time to do something about it. Buy some flower boxes, mow the lawn, and when spring comes around, do some planting to ensure that your garden looks great when you want to use it most.


Start a Summer Stockpile

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There are lots of things that you need for summer that you rarely have any use for the rest of the year, but if you don’t want to waste your pressure summertime shopping for the likes of sunscreen, picnic baskets and barbeque charcoal, it would be smart to stock up on them now. Every time you visit the store, buy something for the summer until you have everything you need.


Clean the Barbeque

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If you don’t already have a barbeque, get one before the summer rush. If you do have a barbeque, chances are it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, so get some soapy water and a wire brush and get cleaning. Your summer visitors will thank you for it!


Now you’ve got all that sorted; you can start looking forward to summer again, safe in the knowledge that you’ll barely have to lift a finger when it comes.

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