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Needs Vs. Wants: The Conundrum Of Technology And Your Kids

Most homes have a computer and the internet now. A lot of you are probably pretty tech savvy. But there’s a difference between being good with tech and making sure that tech is good for your family. Here, we’ll be

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When It Comes To Technology And Your Family

Over the last decade, technology has taken over our lives. In fact, you will struggle to find a family in your neighborhood who don’t own at least one phone and tablet. In fact, more kids than ever have their own

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Getting Online: Knowing What Kind Of Internet Connection You And Your Family Need

    We’ve all been there. Five minutes until an important deadline and your internet cuts out. Your hard work goes to waste as you get marks deducted from your assignment for late submission or end up having to have

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DIY: Quick Fixes That You Can Make Around the House

Home ownership can mean a lot of things. You are investing in a property and hope to make a great return on your investment. It can mean security and having somewhere for your family to live. It also means that

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What Mom’s Need to know About Owning a Computer

What Mom’s Need to Know About Owning a Computer Attribution Post   Nearly every family in America now owns a computer as they are perfect for all the family. But there is some essential information moms need to know if

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