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Financial Emergencies: When’s the Right Time to Break Open That Piggy Bank?

We’ve all been on the cusp of a financial meltdown before. Whether it was a sudden job loss or forgetting to bring your debit card to the supermarket for the weekly grocery run, it’s not a fun situation to be

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3 Retailers With Charitable Spirits

Having a family can make donating your time to charities and nonprofit organizations impossible. But although you may not have much free time, who says you can’t support charities in other ways? The next time you go shopping, focus on the

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Want To Teach Your Kids About Recycling? Here’s How To Do It!

There’s no denying that recycling is something that we all try to do. Even in small ways, we want to help divert waste from landfill sites and incinerators. These days, it’s quite easy to recycle a variety of materials. Plus,

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Saving Money The Hard Way – Can You Cut The Sweet Stuff From Your Life?

Saving money by cutting your spending takes a lot of discipline. Sometimes it’s best to choose the things in your life that you’ll miss the least. Or you might choose to cut out those things that might be harming your

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Creating A Personalized Space for Your Kids In The Home

  My goal as a mom is creating a personalized and individual space for the kids in my home.  This can be anything from having their own dishes to their favorite seat at the dinner table.  This is great for kids especially

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DealSpotr Influencer

I take being a blogger very seriously.  It’s not only a way for me to share my life with the world, but also a way to vent, and now thanks to DealSpotr a way to save people money as well. 

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How To Create An Energy Efficient Home

  How To Create an Energy Efficient Home Attributed Post As homeowners and parents, we should all try to create a happy and healthy home for our family to live in. But we should also prioritize making our homes as

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