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How To Get Those Dreaded Chores Done In Half The Time

Being a Mommy is one of the best experiences you’ll ever get to go through and hopefully you’ll be able to repeat it numerous times. It’s certainly not ever easy being a parent, but it is certainly worth while in

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Set The New Year Off With A Bang By Throwing A Party The Kids Can Enjoy

Image Source   All too often, children are left out of new year celebrations. Blame the late nights and raucous celebrations. But, what if you threw a family party that the kids can get involved in this new year? Including

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Preparing For A New Baby: What To Buy Before Your Due Date

Are you expecting? Are you counting down the days until your due date and eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new baby? If you’re having a baby, you’re probably working through lists of things to buy. But what do you

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How to Encourage Your Child’s passion for Music

Music has always played a major part of my life.  As a young girl I used music to get through difficult times during my teenage years.  Today it’s a bigger part of my life because I have kids.  My love

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DIY: Quick Fixes That You Can Make Around the House

Home ownership can mean a lot of things. You are investing in a property and hope to make a great return on your investment. It can mean security and having somewhere for your family to live. It also means that

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Top Tips To Make Cleaning Much Quicker

    We all know just how much of your time cleaning can eat up. The trouble is, it has to be done, but sometimes there just isn’t the time. As well as trying to make more time to clean

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Making Your Family Home Functional

A family home should be safe- check! It should also be gorgeously decorated and furnished- check! And of course, it should be a happy place- check! That cover all of the bases, right? Wrong! A family home should also be

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A Handy Checklist for New Parents

      New Parents are overwhelmed with many different emotions, and preparing for the arrival of a new baby can take a lot of organizing. You will need to buy so much stuff. Not only will you need to

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