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How an IEP Saved My Child in School

As my IEP meeting approaches I felt compelled to share how it has impacted our lives for the better.  How as a parent it has encouraged me in many ways. Initially I was very skeptical to report Isaac’s diagnosis to

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Don’t Let Them Drive You Up The Wall! Tips To Traveling With Your Family

https://pixabay.com/en/snow-car-child-smile-stuck-winter-170131/   Regardless of the time of year or however few kids you have in tow, going on vacation with the family can be a really stressful activity. Taking the kids on any kind of road trip, or traveling on

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Happy Kid, Happy Mommy: Ensure Your Child Stays In Good Health With These Unmissable Tips

As moms, we are always trying to ensure our little one stays in good health. After all, we want them to have a long and happy life with as little illnesses as possible. And while we can’t always protect our

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A Guide To Becoming A DIY Queen Around The House

Becoming confident with doing DIY around the house can do you so many favors. You will save money on calling a handyman in for any little problem, and you might just impress your friends and family too. You may even

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Set The New Year Off With A Bang By Throwing A Party The Kids Can Enjoy

Image Source   All too often, children are left out of new year celebrations. Blame the late nights and raucous celebrations. But, what if you threw a family party that the kids can get involved in this new year? Including

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Experts for a Reason: Why You Should Always Consider Hiring a Contractor Before Doing Home Improvements Yourself

When people think of home improvements, they usually think of things like remodeling the kitchen, building up a new garage, or upgrading the flooring in your home. Since home improvements are usually very expensive and time-consuming, it’s only natural to

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A Dreamy Place to Dream: Making Your Bedroom More Luxurious

Picture credit The bedroom is your own little sanctuary. A place to retreat from the world, relax and completely unwind after each long day. So if yours has seen better days or you’re unsatisfied with how it looks, it’s well

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The Clean Up: Steps To Take After The Worst Has Happened

Image Source We don’t like to think about disaster striking our home. Apart from putting the relevant precautions in place, we tend to put it out of our minds. But if the worst does happen you will need to act

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Bringing Your Newborn Home: What You Should Do In Your First Week As A Mom

Once you have had your baby, you will no doubt want to get home as soon as possible and settle into life as a family. However, you will have to wait until the doctors and nurses are sure both you

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Getting Online: Knowing What Kind Of Internet Connection You And Your Family Need

    We’ve all been there. Five minutes until an important deadline and your internet cuts out. Your hard work goes to waste as you get marks deducted from your assignment for late submission or end up having to have

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