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Getting Online: Knowing What Kind Of Internet Connection You And Your Family Need

    We’ve all been there. Five minutes until an important deadline and your internet cuts out. Your hard work goes to waste as you get marks deducted from your assignment for late submission or end up having to have

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4 Key Things You Need to Know About Home Plumbing

Home plumbing might not be the most scintillating of subjects to discuss, but it is worth knowing your stuff in this area. We rely so heavily on our plumbing systems, and they work so well, that we often don’t even

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Simple Solutions For Dealing With Home Breakdowns

    A lot of things can go wrong with your house on a moment’s notice. If something goes wrong with the plumbing system, it can affect the sinks, toilet, bath, and even appliances like the dishwasher. A power cut

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The Two Things You Cannot Skimp On When Moving Houses

    The Two Things You Cannot Skimp on When Moving Houses Attribution Post     Moving house can be one of the most exciting new chapters in our lives. We and our family may need more space. We may

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Protecting your Kids from the Stress of Divorce

  Protecting your Kids from the Stress of Divorce Attributed Post Most people get married thinking they will stay with their partner forever. However, divorce rates in the Western world stand at around 50% in modern times. That means most

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Understanding what happens During A Stroke

Understanding what happens During a Stroke Attributed Post If someone was having a stroke, would you know what to do?  Would you even know what was happening? Strokes are one of the biggest killers in the USA. One in fifteen

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Me, Plus Three, and ADHD

  As a parent, naturally you never want to hear something is wrong with your child.  The first thing that comes to my mind is, “how do I fix it”? How can I be a better parent, and did I

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