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The pencil grip product is a great tool for kids learning to write and develop their fine motor skills.  I was lucky enough to work with The Pencil Grip for my oldest son who is six and still learning the proper way to hold a pencil.  It’s been very helpful, especially now in school with the common core curriculum, they are required to write much more than before. I am going to go through a few questions some of you may have about these products.

So what is this tool?

It’s a soft silicon like pencil topper, that goes on the head of the pencil, pen, marker, or colored pencil.  I tried them on all writing utensils and it works.  Allowing the child to grip on a softer tip helps them grip it with two fingers, rather than three or four.  My son struggled with writing throughout kindergarten.  Although we are still working on his writing goals, this pencil gripper helps tremendously.


How does it work?

There is an insert at the tip of the gripper which fits writing tools and you just slide it on through. Its super easy to use and comfortable for little hands.


Is it only for kids?

No! This tool can be perfect for administrative professionals who need to write a lot, it prevents you from getting the dent in your index finger.  It makes writing much more comfortable.  They have an assortment of sizes for the pencil gripper for different size fingers and hands.  Perfect for all ages.

pencil grip pencil gripper 12

How can I purchase these products?

You can order these products directly through The Pencil Grip website or through  They are really reasonably priced and simple to order.  I am including all the links below for your convenience. Direct purchases from their website is great because there are multiple payment options, such as PayPal.


Well I hope you enjoyed this review and that you will be sure to check out all their awesome products.  Be sure to share this review and comment with any questions.


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