These Issues Can Affect Your Child In School

School was a wonderful place for many. The memories of which bring back nostalgia in high quantities. However, there are huge issues that can occur in the school yard. These come in all kinds of ways. It can be hard to sometimes understand what your child is going through, especially if you had a good time yourself. Nowadays, kids video everything. Every tiny thing that happens of any significance is often reviewed in some way on social media. In this way, the humiliation never stops. Technology is great, but in certain situations it can make things worse. You may have considered some of these, but read on as the tips can help your child out.




One of the key issues is bullying. It happens still, just like it did when you were in school. This time, when the day ends, it can continue on social media, through phones, it never stops. This can severely affect your child’s mental health. As well as stop them going to school. If you see attendance issues then you could visit Compass Health Center. You need to get them into school no matter what or they could fall behind. First, take away access to social media because it will depress them. It may be cruel, but you are doing it to be kind. Then you need to get to grips with their teachers and come up with a plan to stop the bullying. It is the only way, direct confrontation can stop it before it gets worse.



Smoking occurs frequently too, though luckily it is harder for them to buy cigarettes. It is still perceived as cool by many youngsters but it is devastating in terms of health. You can get around this by punishing them of course, but also educating them. Show them some shocking pictures of ill people due to smoking or tar invested lungs. The same goes for drugs, which are also popular in schools. You need to ascertain where they got the substances from and kill it at the source. It can be done with tact, especially if other children are involved. The likelihood is that their parents will want it stopped too.
Video games. Have you noticed that kids spend way more time indoors? That’s why. You can’t do much about it, because their friends do the same. However what you can do is ensure some of the time spent indoors is on homework and study. You can put passcodes on TV’s or the consoles for certain amounts of time, so that they can only play at certain times. You should make it clear they can’t just play at any time they want to. Instead they need to be able to study and as a reward get a go on the game. You can beat this somewhat by signing them up to an outside activity. Team sports are great as they’ll meet like minded people. You can foster a love for certain sports, which promote social activity as well as exercise. Do this when they are young so it sets in.

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