Top Things In The House Which Could Be Affecting Your Child’s Sleep (And What To Do About It)

It’s always a tricky one for parents when it comes to bedtime. After all, children want to stay up and watch television. Therefore, it can be a challenge to get them to head to the land of nod. And while it’s important to ensure they have little food and drink, it can still be hard to find ways to get your child to have some proper shut-eye. But without sleep, they can be a right terror the next day. You might not realize that their lack of sleep could be down to things in your home. Therefore, here are a few top things in the house which could be affecting your child’s sleep, and what to do about it.




The amount of dust


It’s so important that you clean your kid’s bedroom regularly. Otherwise, dust might build up in the room. And your kid could end up coughing in the night and struggle to get to sleep. And if they suffer from allergies, they are going to feel even worse when it comes to bedtime. Therefore, you need to ensure you give the room a good clean at least every week. Remember to go for places such as under the bed where a lot of dust builds up. That way, you can ensure your child gets plenty of sleep in your home.


The temperature in your home


You might not realize that a lot of the time our sleep is affected by the temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold in the house, it can see your child struggling to sleep at night. Therefore, you need to make sure you set the temperature to a medium heat before bed. And then make sure you don’t pile on their bed sheets. That way, they can take them off in the night if they get too cold. If your heating isn’t working properly, it’s worth looking into getting a new boiler for the sake of your kid’s sleep. You can find a heating and A/C company to come out and fit one which will allow you to maintain the heat properly. And remember that you can always get a thermometer for your kid’s room. That way, you can check it and adjust the temp as necessary in the bedroom!


Too much light in the bedroom


Light also has a significant effect on people’s sleeping habits. Our brain can use it as a signal to wake up meaning you will struggle to get to sleep at night. Therefore, it’s worth considering changing your kid’s bedroom light. If they struggle to sleep without some form of light, you might want to go for a small night light rather than leaving the hallway light glaring into their room. Or you could go for dimmers in their bedroom. That way, they can have them on low, and you can turn them off once they have gone to bed.


And you also need to know that the decor in your kid’s room could be affecting their sleep. If it’s something too bright such as a yellow, it could cause them to struggle to sleep. Therefore, go for a calming blue or green to ensure they have some proper shut-eye.

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