Top Tips for a Fantastic Baby Shower

Photo courtesy of Flikr

Photo courtesy of Flikr

Top Tips for a Fantastic Baby Shower


 A Baby Shower is  a fabulous way of getting your friends together to celebrate the imminent arrival. The time around the birth of a baby is hectic for any parent and the early weeks with a newborn are often spent in something akin to hibernation. Welcoming a new life into the world is always an occasion to be celebrated. What is more joyous than the birth of a baby? It’s a life changing experience that calls for lots of preparation. 

So, relish the opportunity to spend time some quality time with her before she finally pops that longed for baby out!


Gifts for Baby


Think about what mom-to-be might find useful. Diapers, cloth or disposable are traditional baby shower gifts. They also have the useful benefit of saving your pregnant friend money once the baby arrives. Wipes are an essential piece of kit no new mom is ever without, so bulk buys of these are a lifesaver, too.


If you’re not so keen to buy for baby already, then why not treat Mom instead? After all, it’s a great excuse to partake in some retail therapy once the little one makes it’s debut into the big wide world.


Gifts for Mommy


It’s time to spoil the Mom to be. Think toiletries, moisturizers, or some items for her labor bag. Lip salve is always a good one! For after the birth, vouchers are a brilliant idea. She may fancy a boost and get her hair done, get a gift card from her favourite hairdresser. Clothes store vouches are good too. She may have changed shape and find not so much of her wardrobe fits any more. Treats like spa days are a fantastic way of getting some me-time for new moms.


What Happens at a Baby Shower?


There are lots of party games to have fun with at a baby shower. You can have dollar bets on the weight of the baby, and the winner takes all. Or give Mommy half! If your friend hasn’t told anyone what the baby is to be called yet, you can play a game trying to guess the potential baby names. Games involving tasting baby food to guess what it’s meant to be are often found at showers, too. I guess that one would depend on how squeamish you are!


What About Daddy in All This?


Daddies are often forgotten in all of this girly baby shower business: but we should spare a thought for them too. A particularly thoughtful gift idea is vouchers for a restaurant, or even for their favourite take-out. Neither of them has to cook, and they get to time together. This gift goes particularly well with a bottle of wine! Even better, why not give them the valuable gift of time without the baby! Offer your babysitting service by issuing “vouchers” to be cashed on a (mutually convenient) evening?


Have you organized a baby shower? What did you do? Have you any tips or tricks to share? Drop by and leave them in the comments below!

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One comment on “Top Tips for a Fantastic Baby Shower
  1. Reina says:

    As a mother of three kids myself, I have planned my fair share of baby showers. My first one being the biggest and most stressful due to not knowing what to expect. It was definitely an exciting time, a day to celebrate my new baby. I did a lot of do-it-yourself projects with my second and third showers. It made things more personal and affordable as well. They say after the first shower, it’s the proper etiquette to disregard the shower, but I never listen. they just became smaller parties each time. Either way they are fun events. Thanks for sharing these great ideas and tips, which I know that new moms will benefit from.

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