Top Tips for Keeping your Staff Healthy, Happy & Productive

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Ensuring your workforce is happy, healthy and therefore productive it not always easy. Some business owners can feel that they constantly need to be watching over their staff to ensure they are being productive in their day to day work life. However there are some ways to increase how productive your staff are being, without having to watch them like a hawk, whilst making sure they are healthy and happy. Here are our top tips on how to do just that.


Create a Supportive Environment


In order for staff to be productive they must first feel happy and satisfied in their job. Therefore it’s essential that you are creating a supportive, motivating and happy workplace. Make sure that managers are checking in with staff regularly to deal with any issues or problems they may be facing. By ensuring staff are having regular meetings with managers will ensure that your staff feel respected and supported, which will have a huge impact on how motivated they feel within their jobs.


Career Development


Staff also need to feel that there is room for growth and progression within a company in order to feel motivated within a company. If your company encourages growth and development your staff will be much more productive as they are working towards a goal and working for the growth of a company they are able to see a future in.


Keeping Staff Happy & Connected


Another way to increase productivity is ironically by getting them away from their desks from time to time. Organising fun team building activities outside of the office, or just treating staff to a pub lunch on the last friday of the month can work wonders in making staff feel more connected, and therefore happier and more productive. So think of ways you can treat your staff so that you are creating a happy and energetic work place


Keep Them Hydrated


Keeping your staff hydrated is one of the best things you can do to keep them alert, energetic and in good health. Therefore it’s really important you can offer your staff an unlimited amount of fresh cool water in the office. If you don’t already have a water cooler, have a look at water coolers Melbourne to see what models and pricing are available.


Extra Treats


Again, if staff feel that their health and general well being is a priority for the company they will feel much more productive and motivated. So think of other little ways you can show them that their health is important to you. Providing free fresh fruit every day, or a free yoga class once a week are all little ways that you can make sure your staff are feeling happy and looked after.
If your team feels that they work in an environment where they are important and looked after they will invest much more of their time and effort into making sure they are working well and doing the best that they can within their jobs. So using simple tricks, like the above, can all add up to making a big difference when creating a happy, healthy, energetic and productive team dynamic.

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