Top Tips On Planning The Best Party Ever For Your Little Ones

Suddenly, you realise a whole year has gone by, and you are left wondering not only why your little one is growing up so fast, but what to do for their party this year. You can get the odd helpful word to latch on to from asking your children what they want – like dinosaurs and unicorns – but unfortunately, their dream of making friends and spending the day with either the extinct or mythical creature is a little beyond your capabilities. Here are some tips on making planning a party as stress-free as possible so even you, as well as your children, can enjoy it.


Send Out Invites As Soon As Possible

You’ve been there – where an invitation has been handed to you at the school pick up for the next weekend and felt that panic of getting a present and party outfit in such a limited time. Help out the other parents in your life, and be sure to send your child to school with invitations as soon as possible. This also means you can ask for an RSVP so you don’t waste money on a much too big cake and party bags that won’t be used. Be sure not to do it too early though – or they may forget!


Rent A Hall

Now, this may seem like an expensive and over the top option, but please hear it out. Paying out for your child and a few friends to go to a theme park or the cinema may be more appealing. However, the cost of feeding and watering the children for the day and the transport getting there and back can rack up the already quite high price. Not to mention the overpriced gift shop toy, or pot of Ben and Jerry’s that everyone just has to have. Also, the time it takes for your child to choose between all their “bestest friends” could leave you with little time for the actual organisation of the event. Having a party at your home seems like a cheap option, however the stress of making sure everything is spotless, nothing is split on your cream carpets, and the mess that you are left with when everyone has gone home may be enough to put you off ever doing another party again. By renting a hall, you have a space that can be transformed into a party haven for the children and you tend to have offers of help for the setup and clean up afterwards. You can ask for other parents to chaperone ensuring good behaviour and minimal injuries. This avoids any parents google searching for a “personal injury attorney”, and the headache and stress that comes from a parent not trusting you with their children anymore should someone get hurt. You may laugh, but you’d be surprised how rowdy a children’s party can get, so it’s helpful to have extra help on hand.


Avoid A Buffet

Buffet food always seems to be a go-to option for parties, however, it can become quite expensive when buying all the different options of food. It may be worth considering doing a hearty, healthy option like jacket potatoes with options of plain butter, beans or chilli. All loved foods that offer options for vegan, vegetarian or fussy eaters and can avoid any allergy mishaps. It will fill everyone up without the added sugar hype that comes from many party foods, and cooking in bulk is quite cost-effective. Wrap all the jacket potatoes in tin foil and pop the chilli in a thermal container for easy transport, if you decide to go with this option.


Hopefully, this has given you and few useful ideas and helped you to relax about the next birthday written on your family calendar.

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