Traveling The Forgotten States Of America

The USA – home to the likes of New  York, California and Florida. Even Americans think of these three states whenever they think of the country of their birth. And, it isn’t hard to see why. Aside from the constant PR, NY, Cali and Florida have amazing attractions, excellent weather, and a unique way of life. So, there’s no argument. The next time you want to go on a road trip or take a vacation, it should be one of the big three states right?


Not exactly because there are fifty states in the whole of the US, and everyone is special. Sure, they may not have the same advertising budget, but they do have unbelievable scenery and natural beauty. Plus, every American citizen should take the opportunity to discover the country when they get the chance.


If you like the idea, it’s time to pack the car, get the kids to buckle up, and start the engine. Here are the forgotten states which are worth a visit on your next in-house vacation.


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Everyone of a certain age wants to visit Las Vegas. The City of Sin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s in the heart of the desert. Still, Nevada has much more to offer than world-class casinos, clubs and nights of debauchery. Travel to the northeast of the state and you hit Lake Tahoe, the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The lake is too big to go into great detail, but the Tahoe Rim Trail and the Sand Harbor Beach are two sights worth checking out. If you want something a little less crowded, there is the Valley of Fire state park which is one of the many fantastic hiking spots in the state. Of course, there’s no reason not to visit Vegas, but just don’t make it the highlight of the trip.


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When you think of Massachusetts, there isn’t much that springs to mind. But, when you delve a little deeper, it’s home to a variety of cultural hotspots which are worth your time. Take Harvard as an example. Yep, the world’s most prestigious university is located in the town of its namesake in the east of the state. If academia isn’t your thing, you can always check out the spots where they filmed Good Will Hunting! MIT, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is also around the corner. Apart from quality colleges, MA also has Boston which is one of the most original cities in the USA. With its mix of old and modern architecture, it’s a large yet cozy place to visit with centuries of history. Of course, don’t forget about the legendary Fenway Park or the Gillette Stadium either.


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Why would anyone go to Arizona? First and foremost, it is home to the site of the Grand  Canyon. Anyone who is in the state or nearby can’t leave without seeing one of the greatest natural wonders in the modern world. With an area that spans almost 5,000 square km and a width of up to 18 miles in parts, it will take your breath away. Sunrise and sunset are the two best times to hit up Mather Point or Mary Colter’s Lookout Studio. But, don’t despair if you can’t because it’s beautiful regardless of the time. In honesty, Arizona is a state which is home to lots of natural sights that are similar to the GC, and things can get samey. Still, try and catch the Meteor Crater site if possible because it’s not everyday you get to see an otherworldly piece of rock.


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Is there a more beautiful part of the world than The Great Lakes of the USA and Canada? The UK has the Peak and Lake Districts, and Switzerland is well-known for its natural waterways, but America is high on the list. The reason why Utah is the pick of the bunch is the variety it offers. Sure, the Great  Salt Lake that spans 4,400 km2 shouldn’t be missed because there isn’t anything like it anywhere. But, Utah isn’t just a one-trick pony as it has plenty more up its sleeve. There is the popular SeaQuest in Layton which is home to a range of exotic animals and terrific fun for all the family. Or, there is Salt Lake City itself, bordered and buoyed by tonnes of salt with snow-capped mountains acting as a shield. If fishing, hiking, skiing or hunting isn’t enough, you can always stop by Red Butte Garden for some rest. If you’re lucky, there may be a concert on with leading names in music.




For many people, Colorado deserves to be in the same bracket as the likes of California and Florida. Indeed, ask anyone who has ventured into the real USA and they will tell you it is not to be missed. Why? Well, it’s not just because it is home to the Rocky Mountains and therefore has some of the best skiing in the world. Everyone knows of Aspen, and that includes the folks in Whistler and Queenstown New Zealand who know a good spot when they see one. No, it’s because it has a mixture of anything you could ever want. Sure, natural beauty is great, but a change of pace is always nice. In that case, Denver is a standalone city which boasts New York City-like skyscrapers and architecture. Also, Colorado has to be home to one of the greatest music festivals on the planet: Red Rock. Thanks to the surrounding mountains, the music bounces off the rocks and stones and provides excellent acoustics. When you are listening to some of the leading bands and artists of today, it just takes the experience over the top.


It’s sad that there is only enough space in this post to mention five in detail. However, there are plenty more, such as Washington (state), Illinois, Maine and Tennessee. What do you think of this list? Are there any others you would like to add, or any you want to strike off?

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