A Uber Stylish Minimalist Overhaul For Your Bathroom

Home decor through most of the rooms in your house is probably quite a big deal. You may like to make sure that the colors and hues you use compliment one another, and that the patterns and soft furnishing are pleasant as well as stylish. However, it is very often the bathroom that is the exception to this trend, and that lets the rest of the house down. This is a shame though, because the bathroom could be the jewel in the crown that is your home. In fact, to achieve this all you need to do is follow the advice below.


Bright white suites are in


Whatever you have read or been advised regarding the suite in your bathroom room, now is the time to throw it out and go for a plain, bright white suit. Why? Well, not only are they the most stylish option, but the look clean, age well, and fit in perfectly with a minimalist scheme. What more could you ask for?


Bright white suits suit the minimalist style best. Picture


Slate tiles for the walls


To compliment that white suite you should go for something darker on the walls. A sound choice is to use oblong slate tiles, fixed horizontally. The contrasts in color will work especially well in a modern minimalist style bathroom, and such tiles are also an incredible practical choice.


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After all, they don’t show the dirt or watermarks nearly as much as a white gloss tiles would. Something that means you can minimize your cleaning as well as having a minimalist style bathroom to enjoy.


Sculptural towel rails


Now, with such a plain choice of colors for the suite and the walls, it is important to inject some interest in the room in other ways. In particular, using a designer, sculptural towel rail, like the ones available at stores such as the Tap Warehouse can work very well. The reason for this being that they provide a focal point for the eye, ensuring that room looks striking without being boring.


They do, of course also heat up your towels too! Something that can be a real treat on a cold winter’s morning when you hop out of the shower.


Free standing bath


Image here


Although we have discussed the color of the suite to install in your bathroom overhaul, it is also important to highlight the importance of choosing a freestanding bath.


These are so vital to this look because they convey the sense of space all around, that is central to the minimalist look. They are also much more practical than a fixed bath because all side can be reached easily to clean. Something that should allow you to keep the stylish look you want without too much work.


Introduce shape with mirrors


Last of all, what bathroom would be complete without a mirror? Happily, in this case, adding mirrors to your bathroom design also provide you with the opportunity to contrast some of the other features, and create further interest and texture.


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To do this successfully use round mirrors in pairs or threes in a modern style angular bathroom. Also, consider picking ones that are surrounded in wood or other natural materials for the best compliment to the slate walls.

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