Want That Perfect Family Home? A Self-Build Could Be The Answer

Trying to find the perfect family home can often be a bit of a headache. When you are renting, the decision over where to live usually doesn’t matter too much. After all, for most of us renting isn’t a lifelong commitment – it is merely something temporary, and the vast majority of people do it for a few years before buying a place of their own. However, when you do feel ready to put your money into somewhere more permanent, you may struggle to find somewhere that meets your criteria. When that much money is at stake, it’s totally natural to want to find somewhere that ticks absolutely all of your boxes. Usually, though, you will find that you end up compromising at least a little bit on the property you buy – whether that’s having a slightly smaller garden than you would have liked, or purchasing a fixer-upper rather than a new build like you had planned. If this compromise means deviating entirely from the plan you originally had for your dream property, you could end up with something on your hands that’s more trouble than it’s worth. In this scenario, the costs for buying AND changing your subsequent new home could reach sky-high proportions – so why not consider building your own house instead? This is something more and more people are doing these days, purely, so they know they are getting exactly what they want. If you haven’t had much luck with finding a property to buy yet, here are a few reasons why you might want to build your own.


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You can express your creativity

If you’re looking to settle down in your new home for the remainder of your life, it needs to be somewhere you’re 100% happy with. So, if you’ve always dreamed of living in a Tudor-style townhouse, or a woodland cabin, why not go ahead and make that dream a reality? Draw up various mood boards for inspiration, and seek help from companies such as www.buildloghomes.org for further information on how to execute your project. Let your imagination run wild – it’s your home, after all.

It often works out cheaper

This may come as a surprise to most people – but if done correctly, a self-build can be up to 25% cheaper than buying an existing property outright. Of course, to make this saving, you will need to have all your costings down to a tee. So make sure you have a team of trusted contractors around you, and if you need some extra help keeping track of your finances, consider hiring an accountant.


Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (Mar. 24, 2004) РNavy family members relax on their front lawn while movers deliver household goods to their new home on Ford Island. The new housing development is part of a $35 million project to design and construct 140 homes on Ford Island and 30 homes at Radford Terrace. The homes are three and four-bedroom units arranged as duplex and quad-buildings. They feature such amenities as metal framing, garages, central air conditioning, solar hot water systems, modern kitchens with energy-saving appliances, and full-size washers and dryers. The new community includes a host of improvements such as: underground utilities, recreational areas and new roads. More than 2,300 Navy family homes have been replaced or renovated on Oahu since 1996, at a cost of $426 million. U. S. Navy photo by Photographer̥s Mate 1st Class William R Goodwin. (RELEASED)

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It can become a family heirloom

Even though buying a home outright means that it is yours, a lot of people still feel like they are living in a rental knowing that other people have lived there before. If you want to create something for your family alone to cherish for generations to come, building your own place from scratch can be the first step on this ladder. Many of us develop a strong emotional attachment to properties, so building your own can be a great way of making one that meets your exact needs for decades to come.

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