Worried About Your Little One? Take The Time To Tackle Home Safety

Every parent should take efforts towards creating a child friendly home. Knowing your children are safe anywhere in your home will allow you to breathe easy. Creating that child-friendly atmosphere is easier said than done. There are hazards you wouldn’t have considered before having children. Childproofing may not be easy, but giving a little thought to the problem will be worth the effort. Here are some things you might want to consider.

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Removing hazards will save any unpleasant injuries. Think outside the box to ensure you remove all possible risks. Make sure you lock any cupboards containing alcohol or chemical cleaners. Remove, too, any sharp corners or tripping hazards. Sharp corners are asking for trouble. And we all know children don’t look where they’re going! It’s worth taking some time to block off any falling hazards too, such as the top of the stairs. Child safety gates are an easy way to block off the areas you want to keep your little one away from!


A lot of things can go wrong in the home, from accidents and emergencies to plumbing problems and electrical faults. You need to know how best to act should anything happen. Work out the fastest route to the hospital in case there are accidents. Work out, too, what to do if there’s a leak or electrical hazard. Write down numbers for emergency service companies such as www.plumberwilloughby.com.au, so any problems are fixed straight away. Do a little research, too, on temporary measures you can make to stop the problem while you wait. The same goes for electrical faults. Left unchecked, these could become a fire hazard. Make sure to keep the area clear. Don’t attempt to solve the problem yourself. Familiarize yourself with how to turn the electricity off at the mains, just in case.


Cleaning products contain strong chemicals, which won’t do any good to your children’s health. If you are using traditional cleaners, keep them locked up, and make sure to wash away any traces. Using natural alternatives would eliminate the risk altogether. Most natural cleaners are easy to make at home, using ingredients you already own. Sites like www.realsimple.com can give you examples of where to start with making your own.


Alarms are a crucial piece of home safety kit. Find out what alarms you need, and make sure to get them. Alarms you can’t go without are fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Once you’ve purchased these, make sure you check them regularly to ensure they’re working. Should anything happen, those alarms could be the difference between life and death. You owe it to your children to keep on top of your alarm game. It may also be worth investing in home security systems. That way, you can rest easy that you’ll be alerted of any break-ins, which will allow you to get the children to safety. Don’t take risks when it comes to keeping your children safe!

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