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Hello Mommies!! I want to start off by saying that I am so excited for this opportunity to have a blog like Successful Mommy Advice.  When I was a new mom, I wish I had a place to come and discuss or just read through others’ experiences.  I love to share and encourage moms through my own personal experiences.  It’s been a great year with a few ups and downs however I continue to appreciate all the love and support from my readers and subscribers.  Thank you for never giving up and always encouraging me.  I love you all and very grateful for each and every one of you!

As a mother, wife, and blogger. Life has thrown me a few curve balls over the years, and I am grateful and Thankful to God for giving me all I have and allowing me to overcome all the obstacles that have come my way.

My life in a nutshell…

gonzalez kidsI have three beautiful kids, Isaac, Jocelyn, and Samuel.  It’s been really exciting, they really keep me on my toes.  I’m faced with different adversities daily, and it’s a challenge that sometimes can be difficult to take on. The positive thing is, I’m constantly learning something new and growing not only as a mom but as a woman too.  

I have a wonderful husband who is not only a great father, but my mentor, encouragement, and inspiration. my love

My life has been an amazing journey thus far; From terrible twos to elementary school.   I didn’t always have the answers, I didn’t always know what to do when it came to being a parent, and I still don’t… but that is what makes this journey so exciting.   Parenting is a process; a process in which I have made mistakes, however, those mistakes have made me the person that I am today…an imperfect parent.  This site and its posts are geared toward helping and encouraging moms out there.    To let you know that you are not alone.  Being a mommy  is such a demanding and challenging job that comes with many blessings and rewards. The way we handle certain situations is what will set us apart from the rest.  it will allow us to be a positive example for the next generation, which is our children.  

I believe that if we unite as mothers to encourage and support one another, we can strive for success regardless of what we chose to do.  Whether we want to stay home, or take on careers, the most important thing is to love what we do and do it with conviction.  My motto is to continue to strive for mommy success one mom at a time! Thanks for visiting and keep coming by.  I love to hear your thoughts and feedback! I’m sending all of you positive thoughts and prayers!

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