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Faster Ways To Pay Down Student Debt

Faster Ways To Pay Down Student Debt Credit: Wikimedia If your kid has recently flown the nest and gone off to college, or they’re planning to in the coming fall, then one big issue is probably weighing on your mind:

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Home Decor Inspiration From Across The Globe

[ image credit: here ]   We all absorb influences, unconsciously and consciously, in all areas of our lives. We take influence from people who are important to us and from what we read. We use processes from our work

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Is That Home Right for You?

Pexels   Not all of us seem to have the luxury of looking for homes at some point in our lives. They’re no longer something that we can just assume anyone who is reading an article is going to do.

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Delicious DIY: The Essentials of Perfect Preparation For Precise Performance

Source   Keeping on track during a home renovation or decoration project is one of the most difficult parts of the process.   That’s some going, really. This is a process that involves painting; when the paint is stubbornly streaky

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Get Your Pre-Baby Body Confidence Back In A Few Simple Steps!

We all know that pregnancy isn’t always a walk in the park. For every woman who blossoms through her pregnancy a la Demi Moore on her famous Vanity Fair cover, there are two more women who just feel grumpy, heavy

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3 Easy Steps to Creating a Pest and Bug Free Home

Whatever your feeling about bugs or household pests, we can all agree that they belong outside. They can create an unhygienic environment, as well as literally being a pest! How annoying is it to hear buzzing or to get an

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Detoxify and Purify Your Life With These Easy Ideas

From highly processed foods to pollution and toxins and pathogens to the stress of the modern world, there are many negative things we come into contact with every day. Because we have gotten so used to them, it can be

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Getting Environmentally-Friendly in the Kitchen

Wikipedia   Homes are producing a lot of waste these days. One of the most concerning areas in the average home is the kitchen. If you want to start living your life a little greener, you should make the kitchen

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Five Super Useful Tips To Improve Your Child’s Bedroom

Five Super Useful Tips To Improve Your Child’s Bedroom Attribution Post   As our children grow and develop, they need different things from their bedroom. You might even find them spending more time, in their own room and less with

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The Pencil Grip: Kwik Sticks

  I recently had the pleasure of working with a company called The Pencil Grip, let me start by saying that this company has some awesome products. What does the pencil grip do? “The Pencil Grip was invented in 1992

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