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No Diet Or Exercise? No Problem!   Everyone wants to lose a pound or two. The problem is that moms don’t have the time to exercise. When we say that, people like to scoff and respond that it isn’t true. But, every mother knows that

In My Cup Of Tea

Tea for two, and two for tea says the song. But there is more to tea than just a drink. It’s a ritual for some; it’s a health remedy for others. Whatever the reason behind your cup of tea, it’s

Happy Kid, Happy Mommy: Ensure Your Child Stays In Good Health With These Unmissable Tips

As moms, we are always trying to ensure our little one stays in good health. After all, we want them to have a long and happy life with as little illnesses as possible. And while we can’t always protect our

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Simple Diet Tweaks That Can Make A Big Difference To Your Family’s Health

Pixels   We’re all looking for ways in which we can help everyone in our family enjoy a healthy life. Not only will living healthily give us plenty of energy needed to make the most of life, but it will