The Pencil Grip: Kwik Sticks

kwik sticks

kwik sticks

I recently had the pleasure of working with a company called The Pencil Grip, let me start by saying that this company has some awesome products. What does the pencil grip do? “The Pencil Grip was invented in 1992 by Dr. Lois Provda, a prominent educational therapist. Two decades later, the company has grown to offer hundreds of unique and innovative products for the home, school, and office. The Provda family is incredibly grateful to the millions of parents, teachers, and therapists who have put their trust in The Pencil Grip, Inc.’s products” (, 2016).

 All of the products on their site are geared to meet the educational needs for little ones.  As a mother, I struggled with the writing process with my kids and these products can truly help. The pencil grip offers a great tool that helps child learning to write grip a pencil. This is something that attracted me to this company. I had searched far and wide to find something to help my son. 

So not only did I get to review this awesome pencil gripper, I also received the Kwik Sticks.  What are kwik sticks? They are paint sticks, the look and feel like a marker and write on like a paint. 

pretty rainbows

pretty rainbows

Here are a few things I love about this product:

  • Mess free paint (Little to no clean up)
  • Large enough for little hands

    little hands working hard

    little hands working hard

  • Bright vibrant colors (Perfect for teaching the basics)
  • Dries in 90 seconds (great to display art work immediately)
  • Perfect gift for teachers and educators

These sticks are a great tool to have my kids and I loved trying them out. I look forward to see what future products they put out there.  This product is definitely mom approved.  The great thing is that you can purchase the pencil gripper and Kwik sticks on and their products are available through amazon prime shipping. 

I am so excited to share these products with you, because they work.  I am not only a mom, but an advocate for early childhood development and these tools will help kids develop the skills they need and ultimately have fun doing it!

easy to use and grip

easy to use and grip

Below are the links for their website and amazon be sure to check them out!  I hope my review encourages you to check out this awesome site. Thanks for stopping by and let’s continue to strive for mommy success!


Baby Steps Scratch-Off Calendar

Giving a gift to a new mom can be tricky, you can pick something off their registry that they may or may not use.  This Baby Steps Calendar is a great gift idea for expecting parents.  Whether you’re a new mom or repeat mom, every pregnancy is different and you learn something new about yourself and baby.  This scratch off calendar provides tips and tools to prepare you for the big day!

Baby Steps Scratch-Off Calendar

Baby Steps Scratch-Off Calendar

It comes packaged in baby pastel colors and nursery décor, it’s bright and vibrant and perfect for any mommy to be.  Daddies to be tend to get lost in the pregnancy process, this is also very helpful for new daddies to understand what’s going on with mommy and baby.

Scratch off detail

Scratch off detail

Weeks six through eight are listed on the calendar, but do not have scratch off tips, scratch off begins at week nine.  You can use a coin or key to scratch off the day you’re on in your pregnancy.

Trivia and info

Trivia and info

The calendar included some cool things; everything from gender reveal, blood pressure, baby size, and position of baby.  From tips, info, and trivia it’s a great way to connect you and your partner during this special time.

Full Calendar

Full Calendar

Because I love this product one thing I would like to see from splash brands is a first year calendar.  A calendar that will include everything that goes on during the first year with your baby.  This could be anything from milestones and development.  I know that each baby develops at different stages but I think for new parents this would be helpful.

I am partnering with Splash Brands to give away one of these calendars to one lucky winner.  You can check out some of their other products available by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by! I love doing these reviews to share products I know moms will love! Keep sharing and striving for mommy success!


Derek and Hailey Learn Spanish

Image retrieved from

Image retrieved from

Hello, Good-bye,

Hola, Adios

The first simple words to help your kids learn Spanish.  Derek and Hailey Learn Spanish is an Amazon Books Best seller and is a great tool for teaching your children simple Spanish conversational words.  Since reading this book, my kids are now asking to learn more words in Spanish.  Although both my husband and myself are of Mexican decent and speak Spanish, it’s very difficult to speak primarily Spanish in the home.  These simple tools are very helpful in the learning process for my children.  I want my kids to know the importance of knowing two languages, and how it can benefit their futures.  This books ensures that.  Here is a quick list of some of the things I love and want to see more of, from the author Ed Escotto in the future. 


Images: The pictures in this book included bright and vibrant colors.  They were easy for my kids to see and very clear.  There was enough detail and it didn’t look too cluttered.  I love this in books.  Sometimes with too many images my kids tend to get confused on what is happening in the story.  To me the simpler the better. 

Context: The story stayed on topic and remained easy to read, so simple that my kindergartener was able to read and understand what was going on.  It also only took me 15 minutes to read which is perfect for short attention spans. 

Spanish words: They used the basic Spanish words to teach them conversation skills.  Hello and Good-bye are simple yet important words, along with Thank You (gracias) which also helps teach manners. 

What I would love to see in the future: Audio books are taking the world by storm. I love having a library for my kids however digital books are great for those long car trips with three busy kids.  It’s also a great way to save space.  This way I only have to pack the iPad for all three kids rather than three different books.

These books are very encouraging and I definitely recommend checking them out for your kids.  You can check out the link to his site here.  Keep an eye out for more adventures with Derek and Hailey.  

Chalkola Markers

Image courtesy of Chalkola markers

Image courtesy of Chalkola markers

I had such a blast using these products.  Such fun and vibrant colors. When I was asked to complete a review on this product I was a little apprehensive because I wasn’t sure what I would use them for.  But when Halloween approached quicker than I imagined, I started thinking of ideas.  I decided to make bookmarks for my son’s kindergarten class.  I know, it’s Halloween. Shouldn’t I be handing them a bag full of goodies? Well IMG_3995yes, but now things have changed I can’t give any food or sweets in class, so I used my imagination to create something different.

I wasn’t sure if these markers would work, since I was using a cardstock paper.  But to my surprise they ended up coming out so nice. I also tried using them on an actual chalkboard, and burlap material.  I’ve also used it on glass and the pigments of the markers come off easily on a glass material.  I would use a finishing spray to insure that it stays, or use a permanent marker depending on your project.  IMG_4172

  A few facts about the product before I get into the pros and cons portion of the IMG_4131review.  The company is called ChalkOla and the markers are available for purchase through  They have a website where you can check out all their products before purchase.  One of the things I love is the fact that they are abailable through amazon.  It makes ordering so much easier with amazon prime.  

Check out some other reasons why I chose ChalkOla  markers.

The things I love:

They come in two different sizes

Include vibrant and basic colors

They stand out nicely on craft paper as well as chalkboards

They make a great gift for teachers

The pricing is very affordable

They are available on amazon

Some of the things I would change about the product:

You have to shake the markers for a while before the ink comes out

The chalk ink doesn’t last very long

You have to write hard and more than once even when using a chalkboard. 

It doesn’t erase as easy as it states online.


Overall, I think this product is pretty good.  Quality isn’t bad for the amount of money you spend.  You will potentially spend more at a craft store such as Michaels.  It just depends on the type of project you’re using the markers for.  I enjoyed using them.  You can find their website, a YouTube tutorial, and their amazon link for ordering below.  Check them out!


Crafting and Special Event Labels


I always love adding that personal touch to my gifts.  I feel like it adds a little bit of my personality to it.  So this year for Halloween, my son’s kindergarten teacher informed us that we are not able to give out candy or goodies.  I was pretty bummed out by this, but I needed to improvise because I wanted to make goodie bags for his class.  When Angela from contacted me I was thrilled.  She sent me some pretty awesome Halloween themed labels.  Perfect for my goodie bags. IMG_3994

Initially I assumed by the name of the website that these labels were only good for food packaging or freezer items.  I was so wrong.  Although they are a larger label than the average ones, I knew they would go perfect with my bags.  She sent me a total of 20 labels and there are 28 kids in my son’s class, so I needed a few more.  I decided to cut them in half since they are so large, and they worked out perfectly. 

My son was so happy with the bags, and was excited when we handed them out.  I definitely recommend these labels for all your holiday needs.  She just recently added some links for thanksgiving which is right around the corner.  Perfect for labeling all your yummy dishes at the thanksgiving table this year.  Check out all her links below!


Mighty Mugpink Mighty mug mighty mug

I am so excited to share with all of you this really amazing product.  I was lucky enough to work with them and try their product and I am so happy with the results. 

So first, let me start by saying that I am avid coffee drinker, I have at least one or two cups a day.  I seriously cannot function without it.  So when I was contacted by, I was eager to try their products. 

Once I received my fabulous mug I was so excited.  It’s such a beautiful shade of pink and it has officially replaced my “go to” mug I use on a daily basis. 

So a little about the company Mighty Mug, they have been featured on multiple news and media outlets from CBS News to Huffington post, they are really a great up and coming company with some super cool products.

As many of you who read my posts know and can relate to being a busy mom. And with being a busy mom can also come a lot of messes and spills.  This is such a great mug because it literally doesn’t tip over. At all. Ever.  It even stood the test of time when my kids came and tried pushing it over.  What sets it aside from other mugs is the fact that it’s powered by a technology called SmartGrip.  It is a rubber like material on the bottom of the cup that prevents the mug from tilting.  I want to say that the mug almost locks or grips to the counter or table top. It is also BPA Free, car cupholder friendly, and dishwasher safe.  It’s amazing and   is a great product for moms. 

One of the things I would change about the product, is the fact that the coffee doesn’t stay hot for too long in the mug.  I have used different travel mugs before and what I love about them is the fact that they keep my coffee hot.  I am on the go all the time so It’s not realistic for me to drink my coffee quickly.  So that’s one of the things I would say needs to improve with this mug.

Other than that I love this and definitely recommend this product.  You can find their website here in this review.  Also, please be sure to go and check out my debut You Tube video review .  I am very happy for this opportunity and to continue to share some great products with you.

Sticker Kid



I had the privilege of working with this awesome company Sticker Kid.  Why is it so awesome? You ask yourself, well part of the reason I love their products is because they help to keep my child safe when they are at school or in a public place.  Let’s face it; sometimes when we’re out shopping our kids tend to wander off, let’s be honest it’s something that has or can happen to the best of us.  These stickers are a great tool to help keep your child safe.  Check out some of the reasons why I absolutely love sticker Kid and why you as a parent should as well.


  1. First let’s talk about the hardware. So you ask, this is something I can just make myself, what makes Sticker Kid stand out from the rest? The labels are made with the highest quality materials and machines including paper, lamination, inks and cutters. Pretty awesome if you ask me.


  1. Depending on where you live, weather can play a major role in things you buy your children. The great thing about these labels, is that they have Industrial grade materials and machines that we employ to be able to offer labels that will withstand all weather tests such as water, sun, and snow. Rain, sun, snow, sleet these labels withstand the test. 


  1. I know that as a busy mom of three, I use my dishwasher most of the day. It takes way too long for me to wash every single dish my children dirty by hand.  Rest assured that Sticker Kid will stand hundreds of trips to the dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer. They stick to almost all surfaces. Our laundry labels will withstand at least 50 trips to the washer and dryer. 


  1. Finally, Sticker Kid also has extra-large labels which have plenty of room to include any allergy or medical information or instructions.This is perfect if your child attends a day care for daily use, or even for those trips to camp or sleep overs. 


Basically if you ask me Sticker Kid is pretty amazing.  They have so many products to choose from. Not only do I love the designs they have to offer, but I also love the fact they are so durable.  A great tool to help me as a mom to keep my children safe. 

Be sure to visit their site and check out some of their amazing products.

Thanks for stopping by and keep striving for mommy success!

Etsy Review: Mickey Mouse Birthday Onesie

Party Planning part II

Birthday Onesie

Birthday Onesie


My Party planning journey is slowly coming to an end and it’s been an amazing ride.  I have made amazing contacts through ETSY and continue to shop small business for all my planning.  Part of the steps in my planning was to find a cute, simple, and fun Mickey Mouse outfit for my handsome boy to wear on his special day.  Thanks to ETSY I found exactly that.  My go-to shop for this product provided me with excellent service along with immediate informative responses.  All of her items are priced reasonably and fair.  Her work is very detailed and I was very happy with my purchase.  Check out GlitterBoxBoutique for all your handmade shirts and onesies.  The detail on the embellishment was outstanding. More pictures with my precious boy to follow on twitter, Instagram, and facebook. Check out successful Mommy advice for more reviews like this on Wednesdays! Let’s keep striving for mommy success and shop small business! 




IMG_2711Etsy Review: Birthday Invites

I have been party planning for over a month now.  Party/event planning can come with many stress factors; from invites to guest lists and decorations.  It’s all apart of the preparations for the big day.  This day just happens to be my youngest first birthday party, Mickey Mouse style.  I have been pinning, researching, and adding my own special touches to every aspect of the party.  I started with looking for invites, and of course my go-to place is ETSY.  I absolutely love shopping small business.  I feel they take the time to create exactly what you want.  I found the perfect invite and it was everything I wanted for my baby boy’s special day.  DesignsbyLyssaLou is a reasonably priced shop with great invites made to order and available for print in 2 to 3 business days. She responded immediately and has awesome customer service.  I definitely recommend this shop for your party planning needs.  Check out her website  below and continue to check out Successful Mommy Advice every Wednesday for a new Review.





All three shirts I ordered...Great quality and fast delivery

All three shirts I ordered…Great quality and fast delivery

My son’s fifth birthday is a biggie…He’s turning the big number 5! Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that he is growing so fast.  With his special day approaching so did the party planning.  His party will be at chuck E. Cheese, and although not a huge party, I wanted to add as many personal touches as possible for his memories. 

So I started researching and lately I have had such an infatuation with ETSY.  IT’s amazing how talented and creative people are. 

Most of the things on ETSY are handmade and take a lot of time to make as well.  The detail and love put into the products is better than any money I have ever spent at a store.  It’s amazing.

Anyways, personalized shirts can get pricey, most shirts started at $19.99 each shirt.  I found a great shop and she made all embellishments with a heat press, (not iron on) and they were only $9.95. 

So I decided to give it a shot and order it.  I was so happy with the merchandise.  Not only was the product clean and exactly what I wanted, but it was within my price range as well.  I received the product within two business days. 

Her shop has anything from children and adult shirts to pillow cases.  The decals are very nice and she provides instructions for washing. I definitely recommend this shop on ETSY.  She makes most characters and you get the product in a very timely manner. 

Click the links below to head over to her shop!


K5 Online Learning Center….LOVE IT

            I have had the pleasure of connecting with K5 online learning center through my blog. This has been a great opportunity and experience for me to try something new and share this with all of you.  K5 Online Learning Center is a great place to help enhance your child’s educational needs.  Subjects ranging from Reading, Spelling, and Math.  Great tools to help them get started or to keep them on track. 

            With my son being 3 (almost 4) he struggled a bit with some of the material.  Although he knows and understand most of it; using the computer and navigating the site was confusing for him. However, I will definitely be trying this out again in a few months to get him started. I do think it’s important for kids (even preschoolers) to know and understand how to use the computer.  This site is a great way to start. 

             Here are a few things I love absolutely adore about this site:


1. Printable Worksheets: I really like that K5 provides printable worksheets.  My son is so used to using paper and pencils, so I thought this was a great tool to have on the site.  It is also great for Home-School students, so you can print out and grade it.  Definitely Loved this idea. 


2. Assessments: The assessments on the site are amazing.  My son completed a reading assessment which consisted of “sight words” and “colors”.  Like I mentioned, He did have a hard time with coordination of the mouse, so he would point to the object and color as directed.  This is a great way for your kids to learn commands and follow directions. 


3. Newsletter and EBook: Once you sign up a newsletter is delivered monthly to your email.   I believe newsletters provide a personal touch that allow you to connect with your subscribers/customers.  The one I received recently had some great tools, I really enjoyed it. 

            You also have access to the EBook, “How to help your kids succeed in school”. You can download this and read it at your convenience.  Although I have yet to finish, it is a great read and has tips to help you teach your kids. 


4. Blog: The blog on K5 is AWESOME! As a parent I always love tips and tools on how to better educate my child.  For example, one of the articles talks about “Prepping for parent teacher conferences”.  I thought this was great because it’s easy to forget to ask certain questions or address any possible issues. This article addresses just that.  Another thing I really love about the blog portion of the site is that there is a post on books your kid should read (at every age).  Definitely check this out!


5. Affordable:  You have the option to sign up for a 14 day free trial.  This is a great opportunity to check out the site and get your child used to the curriculum online.  Once you like it, you sign up and you have the choice of a monthly or annual membership.  It’s $25 a month for the first child and any additional child it’s $15.  Annual subscription for one child is $199 and for additional children it’s $129.  Reasonable and great services.


            In addition to all the things I LOVE, there is one thing I would like to see the site improve on.  With the technological advances today educational sites really need to be updated in order to stay competitive.  So one of the things I think would be great, is an APP.  Today not that many people even log on their PC, they use their mobile devices or tablets.  So having an APP would make the site accessible for busy parents on the go, especially working moms and dads.  The kids now days understand how to use a tablet more than a computer, and who knows eventually the “mouse” may become obsolete.  I think that this would be a great addition and could help so many more parents.


            I would like to address another item that concerned me from a parent’s perspective. That is the expectation of the child.  Basically I felt that K5 has really high standards (which is great!) but can also be a intimidating for a young child and parent just starting out.  For Example, not all 5 year olds read Sometimes they learn at 6 or 4, every child learns and grasps information differently.  I think that it’s important to emphasize that, because naturally we are competitive with our kids.  Having a post in the blog section about this could be really helpful to some parents whose child is not meeting those standards.


            So there you have it.  My review on K5 Online Learning Center.  Overall I think this site is great! They have real potential to help many parents and children.  Since homeschooling is taking off in a big way, this site is a great tool if you are looking into that.  To find out more, visit their website by clicking here:

You can also find a link to their site on my “contact me” page:

            Hope that this review was helpful, because it really helped me open up my mind to try something new for my son and his learning experience. 

            Share this with other mommies (or daddies) so that together we can continue to strive for mommy success!!





Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Season 17 Dancing with the Stars Cast revealed: LOVE IT

            So today is the big day when the cast for season 17 of Dancing With The Stars is revealed on good morning America.  To be quite honest I am really excited to see this cast, I think that they picked great people to dance in my opinion.  I’m sad that some of my favorite pro dancers (Maxim “Maks” Chmerkovskiy.) But other than that looks like the same ol’ gang is returning to the show.  I’m really interested to see who will shock us and be great dancers.  One thing I remember a few years back, Nicole “Snooki” Pollizi stated on the Wendy Williams Show in 2011,          

“Dancing With The Stars” in ten years. Her reason? “I feel like you should be on   ‘Dancing With The Stars’ when you fall off,”.            stars_n_1093500.html

Did Snooki in fact “fall off” as she called it? Maybe this is her chance to prove that she isn’t that Jersey Shore Guidette that she appeared to be for many years…We shall see! Another interesting cast member is Leah Remini, she was recently in the tabloids because she left the church of Scientology. A really big deal for Hollywood Scientologist goers.   She’s going to bring some controversy and spunk to the show.      So here is the list of cast members along with their partners.  What do you guys think of the cast this year, do you think they got it right?

            -Elizabeth Berkley (“Saved by the Bell,” “Showgirls”) — paired with Val Chmerkovskiy.

            -Corbin Bleu (“High School Musical”) — paired with Karina Smirnoff.

            -Brant Daugherty (“Pretty Little Liars”) — paired with Peta Murgatroyd.

            -Bill Engvall (comedian) — paired with Emma Slater.

            -Valerie Harper (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Rhoda”) — Tristan MacManus.

            -Keyshawn Johnson (former NFL player) — paired with Sharna Burgess.

            -Christina Milian (singer/”The Voice” personality) — paired with Mark Ballas.

            -Bill Nye (“Bill Nye the Science Guy”) — paired with Tyne Stecklein.

            -Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne) — paired with Cheryl Burke.

            -Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (“Jersey Shore,” “Snooki & JWoww”) — paired with Sasha Farber.

            -Leah Remini (“The King of Queens”) — paired with Tony Dovolani.

            -Amber Riley (“Glee”) — paired with Derek Hough.


            As you all can tell this years’ cast is definitely on my LOVE IT list.  You can tune in the season premiere on Monday, September 16th at 8pm (PST).  Come back next Wednesday for another Love It or Hate It here on Successful mommy advice! Share this with other mommies and join in the discussion so together we can continue to strive for mommy success!

nick-jrNick Jr. Channel and Show Review: LOVE IT

            Let’s face it, as moms we all tend to place our little ones in front of the TV every now and again.  Although, it’s better to take them for a walk and do activities with them, we also need a break during the day.  I found Nick Jr. to be a lifesaver! I remember hearing all about Yo Gabba Gabba  when my son was about seven months old.  Although I was skeptical about introducing TV to him, it’s actually been beneficial for him in many ways.  Nick Jr. is definitely on my Love It list. 

            The shows range from age groups and categories, they have different programs to help enhance your child’s speaking and learning abilities.  We have designated “TV” time in our house but when he watches it, I notice just how much he learns from it.  Which is why it’s so important to monitor what you let your children watch, their brains are like tiny sponges and they grasp everything they see.  It also teaches them about music, instruments, singing, and dancing.  For me I wouldn’t have them watching anything else.  One show in particular which has really helped my son in his communication skills is Team Umizoomi. It’s a great show for toddlers/preschoolers.  My son was a “late bloomer” when it came to communication, now he is really learning and grasping more words.  I also use the Nick Jr.( website for ideas on crafts and other learning assignments here at home.  This site is where I was introduced to  It’s a computer program for kids and it’s a great tool for those visual learners like my son. 

            I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic, so leave me your comments and feedback here.  What shows do your children enjoy? Have you seen any benefits? Does your child watch TV, why or why not? Don’t forget to share my site and blog with other mommies so we can continue to strive for mommy success!

Sephora Beauty Pallet Courtesy of

Sephora Beauty Pallet Courtesy of

LOVE IT: Sephora Collection Pallet Review

            This week I am reviewing the Sephora Beauty Pallet for all my mommy makeup lovers out there.  Sometimes  It’s really hard as busy mom to get “dolled up”, we’re often times running around with small children and need to get out quick and fast.  A few months ago I purchased an eye shadow pallet from Sephora and it is definitely on my Love It list.  Sephora has really great products, some things are pricey but there are some items you can find at really great prices.  I like Sephora Brand makeup for different reasons, but specifically because the makeup lasts long and is good quality. 

            The reason why I decided to review this is because of moms, it’s a great pallet not only does it come with eye shadow but it also comes with an application brush, lip gloss, and five eyeliners.  It’s a great way to enhance your beauty in minutes all you have to do is add a little mascara and your good to go.  This pallet was approximately $34 dollars, a little pricey? Yes, but I guarantee that you will love this! It’s a great tool for busy moms, if you are anything like me and love makeup and beauty products, but just do not have enough time in the day to do it; then you will love this!

            Thanks for stopping by Love it Or Hate It I hope you enjoyed the review this week.  I always love to hear your feedback and comments, share this site with other mommies, so together we can strive for mommy success…one woman and one mommy at a time! Stay beautiful ladies!

Im having their baby review

Luke Warm: I’m having their baby

    I decided to DVR the critically acclaimed reality series I’m having their baby on Oxygen network Wednesday nights.  I consider myself Luke Warm to the show because it’s the same story different characters.  It’s something for me to enjoy when it’s quiet in my house, plus it’s nice to watch something other than Nick Jr.   I’m going to be honest I only watched a few episodes and it was super tough to watch.  At first I thought it was going to be about a person having another couples’ baby through surrogacy, but no they get pregnant and cannot afford to have another child and decide to give them to a family that can take care of the baby.  Not all the women are teens, but all pregnancies are unplanned in this show.  In some cases, these girls/ladies have more than one child and are government assistance. 

            This show really shows both sides of the adoption process.  How the mother must feel, especially having other kids, and what happens to the adoptive parents when and if the birth mother changes her mind.   I think that it’s great to understand your options and have the ability to chose what life you want for your baby.  It’s truly a selfless act and you’re really thinking of your baby 100 percent.  Personally, I couldn’t imagine being pregnant, getting attached, and then having to give my baby up after.  Some of the moms are what I like to call “repeat offenders” meaning, they keep getting pregnant and then they place the baby for adoption because they cannot afford it.  Getting pregnant in my opinion is 100 percent preventable, and today there are just so many contraceptive options. 

            It’s a tough difficult decision to make, and my hat goes off to those who are able to go through with it.  There are a lot of women out there who are unable to reproduce and desperately want to be moms.  It’s amazing to see some of the adoptive parents and how happy they are by this amazing gift.  Some of the moms even breastfeed because it’s better for the baby.  Now that’s tough! It does a good job at showing both sides of the story of adoption.  It’s a pretty good show the first few times, then it’s just the same story over again. 

            So here’s my review, if you’re interested check it out, Wednesday nights at 10pm on Oxygen Network.  And just remember ladies it only takes one time and there are no “safe” days, you can get pregnant at any time. 

tommee tippee reviewLOVE IT! Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups

            I breastfeed my now 11 month old daughter, but around six months I wanted to transition her to a cup without having to introduce her to the bottle.  At first, this attempt was not as successful as I anticipated.  She wouldn’t latch on to the cup and would spit it out, she was accustomed to breastfeeding and the cup was something entirely new.  So I was browsing at Target one day in search of a sippy cup meant for babies 6+ months.  I tried the Playtex brand, which did not work in the beginning, she pushed it away or would just chew on the Sippy Sprout.  Finally I seen one called Tommee Tippee, this cup is small, easy to use, and especially designed for breastfed babies (at least that is what it said on the package).  Although the cup was eight bucks, I knew that this is what I needed to get her started on a Sippy Cup.  She started latching on the cup in no time.  Since the sprout is soft I think that it made it easier for her to drink.

             This is an amazing product and I would definitely recommend it to moms.  It’s not just for breastfeeding babies, but I think it’s for any baby in which you trying to transition from bottle to cup.  Like I mentioned before this product is not cheap it comes with one cup in a package and it’s about $8.50 or so, and I guess it depends on where you purchase it.  Babies R US has a great selection of this brand so you may want to start there. 

            This product is definitely receiving a “LOVE IT” from me. My daughter is now progressing with her Sippy cup and is moving on to other types of cups as well.  If you’re looking for a product like this check it out I give it five stars for sure! 🙂

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HATE IT!:  So the other night, I was flipping through the channels and happened to come across this show on Lifetime called, Pretty Wicked Moms. Intrigued, I decided to watch to see what it was all about.

  I couldn’t believe it! I was in total and utter shock of this show. It sort of reminds me of The Real Housewives series but WORSE! If you haven’t seen it, it’s a show about a group of moms, different types (stay at home, working, alpha mom, divorced mom, etc).  These moms party, drink during play dates and pay more attention to their “lifestyles” than their actual kids.         

     It was sort of disturbing to watch, they totally disregard their children and husbands.  Ultimately the final let down was the fact that they are competing and trash talking each other (other moms).  How are we supposed to encourage stay-at-home-moms when there are shows like this? Staying home is not what they represent (at least in my opinion), ultimately the responsibility should be on your kids and their well being, but because of the amount of money they have; they just pawn their kids on other people.  I felt like they are misrepresenting what the true meaning of staying home is.  I felt like if you aren’t staying at home for your kids, why are you there? One of the moms said her main priority in life was her business (a clothing store) not her child. 

            Anyways, I think that this show is complete and utter garbage and a complete disgrace to stay-at-home-moms.  In today’s society staying home is not always an option, however when it is it’s because you can afford and want to stay home.  We have choices and we should be doing what is best for our kids.  Wouldn’t you all agree? Well if you are interested the show comes on Lifetime.   For more Rants & Raves on products, shows, or trends connect with me here!

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  1. Melissa Vega says:

    We love Nick jr too! We also have designated tv time because its easy to get carried away! I like Handy Manny and Dora because they are bilingual and it helps my daughter learn Spanish! I think kids today live in a fast pace technological world and watching educational tv in moderation is a great way to build those early skills.

    -Melissa Vega (elementary teacher)

    • Reina says:

      Hi Melissa, Thanks for your feedback on this topic. I think you’re right about getting carried away, I am a full-time Stay-at-home-mom and it’s easy to let them sit in front of the TV while I get things done. I try to keep them for no more than 30 mins at a time. So once in the afternoon and once at night. It makes it easier for me and them to use their imagination and creativity rather than being stuck in front of the TV all day. My son gets bored quick so I need to find other things to keep him occupied. My son loves music so the shows with dancing and singing are definitely his favorites. It’s been a great tool for me and them. I didn’t believe that TV shows could be helpful but this channel and these shows have helped him grow in so many ways.

      Thanks again for joining the discussion, what other topics are on your mind that you would like to see discussed here on Love It or Hate It?

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