Are You Getting Treated Fairly At Work?




Managing your work/life balance can be extremely difficult. Especially when you feel as though things aren’t going well at work. Have you ever had that feeling that maybe you’re being taken advantage of and not treated fairly? Well, the truth is, if you feel this way, then you probably aren’t being treated fairly at all. Too many companies will take advantage of their employees, particularly if they feel like they’re perhaps ‘weaker’ than them.


As women, we usually get the worse end of the stick. Most employers think they can easily intimidate women, which means they feel as though they can get away with anything without seeing the consequence. Well, no more. It’s time to stand up for ourselves and prove we’re a lot stronger than they think. Firstly, you need to figure out if your suspicions of poor treatment have any weight behind them. So, here are a few ways you can tell that you’re being treated unfairly at work.

You Don’t Receive Pay When You’re Off Work

By law, if you’re a registered employee of a company, you’re entitled to certain benefits. One of the universal benefits is that you still receive full pay when you’re off work. We all get a set amount of holiday days given to us by our employees, and we should get paid for them. So, if you take a few days off, and you’re still in your allocated holiday days, then you should still see money in your account for this time off. The same applies to people who are sick or injured and can’t work. Talk to any workers comp lawyer, and they’ll tell you you’re entitled to money if you can’t work because of an injury. If your employer isn’t paying you for any time off work, then you’re being treated unfairly. The only time this is allowed is if you go over the limit of time off work. If you’re given 28 days of holiday, and you’ve used them all up, then you aren’t entitled to money if you decide to go on holiday again.



You Get Paid Way Less Than Other People In Similar Roles

For me, this is the clearest form of mistreatment at work. If you’re doing the same job as someone else, but get paid less, then something’s seriously wrong there. Sadly, this happens to a lot of women in work, throughout many industries, at many different levels. The gap between male and female wages is still very much there. It’s bad enough when you see people in different companies getting paid more to do your job, but it’s even worse when it happens in your organization. It’s a clear sign that you’re being treated unfairly, and you should flag it up with HR or someone in a higher role. Express your concerns, and demand some sort of explanation. This is quite interesting because it’s intriguing to see how they’ll try and justify paying two people different wages for the same job. Hopefully, just flagging this will force them to give you a raise. If not, look around for a new job and quit this company because they clearly don’t value you as an employee.

You Keep Being Given The Rubbish Jobs

This is one of the more subtle ways you can be unfairly treated at work. Let’s say you work in an office as part of a team. You all have the same job title, and you all get assigned jobs to do throughout the day. One of your team can be put on phone answering duty, someone else may be in charge of answering emails, but you get stuck with the long, tedious jobs like sorting through thousands of paper files. If this is a one-off, and everyone rotates through different roles, then it’s fine, that’s fair. But, on a daily basis, if you’re always being lumped with the bad jobs, then that’s just not on. It makes it feel like your boss has something against you, and I think you should make it known. Talk to human resources and explain the situation that people in the same team as you, with the same job title, are being given much easier jobs all the time. You keep getting lumped with the jobs nobody wants to do, and it’s just unfair. Hopefully, raising your concerns makes a difference and work will be assigned more fairly in the future.

You’re The Butt Of All The Jokes

This is another one of the subtle ways you can be treated badly at work. I mean, sure, workplace banter is a common thing. There’s nothing wrong with everyone having a laugh and making jokes about one another. If anything, it’s encouraging because it brings the team together and you feel comfortable enough making one of each other. The problem is when you’re the only one that gets made fun of. You’re the only person people make jokes about, and people get really defensive and annoyed if you make jokes back. Here, this could be classified as workplace bullying, particularly if you’re not okay with it and the jokes get really personal. It’s even worse when your superiors are the ones cracking the jokes, because you feel defenceless like you can’t respond. Again, this is another issue for HR, but you could also take legal action too. Particularly if the treatment gets so bad that you leave work or get fired because you made a joke back and your boss didn’t like it.


If you’ve been reading this and noticed a few things that you can relate to, then you’re probably being treated unfairly. It’s horrible when this happens, as it makes you feel really unmotivated to go to work. Your mood carries on when you get home too, meaning you can’t be as good a parent as you want to be. Your children don’t get the attention they need because your mind is at work. So, take some of my advice, raise your concerns, explore legal options, and think about finding a new job. This helps you find the right work/life balance and be happier in your career.

A Dream Summer Garden

Summer might seem like a far cry away for most of you, but think how quick this year is going already! Before you know it the sun will be shining, and it will be time to make the most of your outdoor space. There’s actually so much you can do to make it a haven of fun and socialisation. The garden is there for you to enjoy, yet so many people prefer to spend their summers indoors. It might be because you don’t feel your garden is good enough, or it might be because that’s what you’ve always been used to. Well, we’re here to show you the garden doesn’t need to be this way. There’s so much you can do with it, and if you follow our tips below we guarantee you’ll fall in love with your open space again. Read on to find out more.


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Make The Space


This is a skill people lack the most in when it comes to the garden. It isn’t always clear what can be done to utilise the space outdoors. But one thing we know you’re going to love is an insulated patio area. The garden is no good to you if you don’t have a place to escape from the elements. An insulated patio area is created by an awning extension. The extension is then covered in insulating materials that gives you maximum temperature control. So if the area is too hot, it is a place to escape to find a bit of coolness. If it is too cold, the area should help keep you that little bit warmer, such as during the evenings. Another great idea is a little decking area away from the house, or even joined onto the house. They look lovely, smart, and create the space you so badly need. It can be used as an eating area for you and your guests, or even a cheeky sunbathing area. The wood attracts the heat, amplifying the power of the sun. For those avid sunbathers of you, this will sound perfect.


Make It Pretty

If you’re going to have people around, you want to make sure it looks as pretty as possible. The two options above will definitely achieve that for you, but there’s other ways you can make it more appealing. For example, an array of colourful flowers will not only look good, but will benefit the wildlife around you. There’s so many beautiful flowers you can choose from, and most of them won’t even require much tending to. All you need is a bit of space to plant, and some good soil to do so. We recommend lavender as one of the plants. Its relaxing properties add to the calm of the garden, and it helps attract the bees that badly need to pollen. If you’re looking to create an extra bit of shade, then there’s plenty of trees you can plant that will help you achieve that. Some of them blossom flowers which will only add to the aesthetics of your garden.

The Vitamins That Make a Healthy Happy Baby

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Most women know that they need to stop drinking alcohol, cut down on caffeine and give up smoking when they get pregnant, but many ladies still aren’t quite clear on what represents optimum nutrition when they’re pregnant.


When you’re growing a baby inside you, it’s a really good idea not only to eat a healthy balanced diet but to ensure that you get a little extra in the vitamin and mineral department too. By taking the right supplements, you can help your baby to grow strong and healthy from the inside out.


So, which vitamins and minerals should you be taking?




Studies have shown that many pregnant women are deficient in a iodine which is a trace mineral. Studies have also shown that mothers who were deficient in iodine while pregnant tend to have children with lower IQs in elementary school than those who were not, so adding a little more iodine (150 mcg) into your diet is probably a good idea.


Folic Acid


If you’re pregnant or you’re trying to conceive, you’ve probably been told time and time again that you need to take folic acid and you do because it protects against a wide range of birth defects such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy. Of course, they don’t give a 100 percent guarantee against them because they can be caused by medical negligence too, but they will decrease the odds of you needing medical malpractice help significantly. Ideally, you should be taking between 600mcg and 800 mcg daily for the biggest benefits.




It is difficult to get enough vitamin B12 from the average diet today, even if you are a meat eater because the food chain is so depleted of this important nutrient that, along with folic acid has shown to help protect against various Neural Tube Defects. So, if you want to protect your baby, you want to boost your energy during pregnancy (it’s really good for that too), and you want to avoid anemia, start supplementing with B12 right now.




During pregnancy, you should be taking around 60 mcg of selenium daily  to protect your immune system and potentially lower your risk of miscarriage. The evidence that it can do so is looking good although more studies need to be carried out. If you don’t want to take a supplement, then eating a small 25g portion of Brazil nuts each day will give you everything you need to grow your baby.




Taking 270 milligrams of magnesium throughout your pregnancy will help your body to repair itself and build up a healthy baby. There is evidence to suggest that a deficiency in magnesium can increase the risk of pre-eclampsia and a baby that doesn’t grow as well as he should.


Vitamin D


While you’re pregnant, you should definitely make an effort to get outside in the sun more (remember your sunscreen), so that your body can make plenty of vitamin D. It may also be a good idea to supplement your diet with a Vitamin D pill of 10 mcg daily because your body needs to be able to produce enough for you and the first few months of your baby’s life too.  Vitamin D is important for strong bones and good mental health, so don’t leave it out.


If you take these vitamins and minerals regularly during pregnancy, not only will you grow a healthy happy baby, but you’ll feel much better yourself too!

Gorgeous Garden Upgrades: For Family, Friends and Fun

It is a place where you can watch your children run freely, relax with your friends and spend a romantic evening with your partner. Your garden is one of those secluded, special areas which you often take for granted. When was the last time you upgraded and revived the look of your garden? You can easily forget to add those personal touches and maintain the luscious greenery, so now is the time to make it beautiful again.

The Perfect Patio

The patio is a great way to separate the kids from the grown-ups if you’re hosting a barbecue or party. The adults can admire and adore your bespoke decking and perfect patio, whilst the little ones run gleefully around the grass. Companies such as Lifestyle Patios can help you to design the deck of your dreams. You can choose the color, style and design for your ideal patio. You won’t realize how much you needed it until you’re living on it and spending most of your evenings having an al fresco dinner. Your social gatherings will instantly feel more upmarket with a new piazza to party on.

The Pristine Plants

We all find it a pain to upkeep our flowers and plants in the garden, but that is the reason they start looking tired and torn. Stop neglecting your beautiful shrubbery and make time to get out in the garden each week. Choose low maintenance plants if you’re terrible at remembering to water or trim them. Pick a complementing color scheme to really bring out their blossoming brightness and teach the kids how to look after them, so you don’t have to!

The Family Friendly Furniture

Just like your sofa gets worn out with the kids jumping all over it, so does your garden furniture. You need to upgrade your tables, chairs and benches every so often so that you avoid broken, mouldy build ups on your lovely stuff. If you still have tiny children then it is important to get furniture that is safe and appropriate for everybody to use. Try lower comfortable chairs with bouncy cushions and wait till the little ones are older before splashing out on expensive bits and bobs.




The Lively Luxuries

If you still want to add a touch of glamour to your garden then consider some major luxuries to wow your friends and neighbours. Fancy summerhouses, mini marquees, swings and outdoor heaters can really transform your garden from basic to brilliant. If you’re the host of many social events you might think of these as in investment for your future gatherings. If you can afford to go wild on your garden accessories then it can have a huge, alluring impact

So update your glum garden and make it glorious; allow yourself to bask in the crisp winter sunsets and be at peace with your overhauled exterior. Your plants and flowers will be blossoming happily, as your kids release their energy in one of their favourite places at home. Keep everything perfect for you and your family and you won’t regret your garden makeover.

Bored Of Your Garden? Not With These Novel Ways To Add Interest To Your Yard

Gardens are meant to be fun places to hang out in. They can be an area that is full of adventure for the kids, and packed with good times for the whole family. Unfortunately, if they are boring spaces, it’s pretty tough to get anyone to spend time out there. That is why you need to follow the novel suggestions below and create an outdoor space that is a bit more interesting.


Include a play area


One way to banish the idea that the garden is a boring place for the kids is if you install a special play area just for them. In fact, they may love having their own fun space so much that you can’t get them inside to do their chores or homework!


To create such an area consider including things like climbing frames or playhouses. Swings and seesaws are pretty popular too, and you can even get some garden play equipment that is styled in natural wood, so it fits in well with the look of your yard too.


How about an outdoor kitchen?


An outdoor kitchen is another way that you can spruce up our garden area and make it more interesting for the whole family. A garden kitchen isn’t just having a BBQ or grill on the patio though. In fact, it’s actually about constructing a replica kitchen from weather-proof materials with a built-in grill, preparation area, and seating.


Image here


By doing this, you will have the perfect place to host and cater for outdoor parties. Something that will make your yard one of the most interesting and best used around.


Grow an edible orchard


Next, why not introduce something that not everyone has in the backyard to make it more interesting? An edible orchard meets this criterion well and consists of many different types of plants such as grapefruit trees, orange trees, and even olive trees if you are looking for something that is a bit more savory.


An edible orchard is such a fantastic addition to a garden because they not only look great, but you get to orientate meaningful family time around harvesting the fruit from them and then making food with that harvest. Something that will definitely mean your garden is far from boring, as well as teach the little ones all about where healthy food comes from.


What about a splash pool?


Few yards that have pools in are ever called boring. However, installing a full-sized swimming pool can cost a fortune! Instead, why not consider some of the other water-based options.


One such option is an above ground pool. A choice that costs less because you don’t have to dig out a hole for the pool to sit in.

Then there are smaller splash or dip pools to consider. These can work just as well because they allow people to cool off and splash around when the weather is hot. Yet, they also make a great backdrop for outdoor events and parties. Something you will definitely want to host more of now you have a truly novel garden!

Super Suggestions For A Child Friendly, Family Garden

A garden is an important place when you have kids. It is where they can run around having water fights in the summer, learn to ride their first bikes, and dig up worms and creepy crawlies galore! Of course for your family to get as much out of the garden as possible it needs to be child-friendly, something you can learn more about in the post below.


Play areas


A major way that many people make their garden more child-friendly is to include specific play areas and items. This may take the form of climbing frames, slides, or swings. All things that you can buy ready made to install or do yourself if you are DIY savvy.


Picture here


Another great play area feature to install in the garden for the little ones is a sand pit. A place that they can build castles and drive their Tonka trucks through. Just remember to make one with a lid or that is raised so there are no nasty surprises in their left by the neighbourhood cat!


Encourage creative play with a sandpit.


Image source


A Wendy house or treehouse is another great suggestion to make your outside space more appealing to the kids. Wendy houses are probably a bit easier to do as they often come ready assembled and you just need to position them.


However, tree houses need to be customised for the particular location that they are in. You can even get professional companies that will build and install these for you. Although it’s not the cheapest way of doing it.


Safety and protection


Another issue that you need to have a handle on in a child-friendly garden is safety and protection. That means you need to consider things such as providing shade for their kids to play in when it’s hot. Something that planting a podocarpus hedge can help with. You also need to be sure that the boundaries around the edge of the garden are secure so the kids can’t get out when they are adventuring, and unwanted visitors can’t get in.


Fruit and vegetables


Providing a space where the little ones can learn to grow and tend their own fruit and vegetables is a wonderful suggestion for a child-friendly garden. After all, it’s a fun activity that you can do together as a family. It also teaches the kids were real food comes from and sets them up with the skills and experience to continue to grow their own later on in life.


Wildlife habitats




A suggestion that many kids will love too is to get them involved in creating some habitats in the outside space that are specifically geared toward wildlife.


Image link

You could include an insect hotel, or plant flowers such as butterfly bush and lavender that bees love, so attracting them to the garden. You could even follow a tutorial like the one at and build a hedgehog house. Something that will help the little ones learn about these creates and hopefully spark an interest in helping to preserve ecosystems and animals in the future as well.

Getting Your Garden Ready for Guests

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If you are someone who likes to entertain, then you will know that your garden is the perfect setting throughout the summer months. After all, if you can provide a nice space and a good barbecue, you can rest assured that people are going to want to come to your house on a Sunday.

Keep things low maintenance – There is only one place to begin, and this is with keeping things low maintenance in your garden. After all, you don’t want to spend your days pulling out weeds and ensuring your garden looks neat and tidy. You want to spend time relaxing with your guests and having fun, so keep this in mind when you are designing your garden.

Plant flowers that smell nice at night – If you are having guests around, it is likely that they are going to be there until the evening. With this in mind, it is a good idea to plant some night-scented flowers, which will enhance the overall ambience. Good choices include jasmine and honeysuckle.

Choose a quality barbecue – A quality barbecue is a necessity if you have got guests coming around. Read electric smoker reviews to find the best one for you. A smoker is the best choice because it gives foods that delicious smoked flavour, which works a treat when cooking fish and meat. You are bound to impress your guests with a good barbecue. After all, not only is this responsible for cooking their food, but it becomes the centrepiece of the garden, which is why you need to choose with care.

Add some comfort to your outdoor space – A lot of gardens are lacking in the comfort factor. You can easily fix this by bringing some of your indoor comfort elements outside. For example, add some scatter cushions to the seated area, and put a nice rug under the table. This will add a touch of luxury and coziness to your garden area. Of course, spending a lot of money on these elements is never advised, as they are not going to last long outside.

Set the mood with the right lighting – If your garden is not well lit, no one is going to want to spend time in it. You need to have different sources of light to create the perfect ambience. Eco-friendly solar panels are a good choice for those who do not want to use up a large amount of energy. You can also use lights to highlight some of the standout features in your garden too, for example, if you have a water fountain.

If you can follow the tips that have been mentioned above, you can ensure that your garden is ready for entertaining. And, don’t forget to keep things low maintenance. The last thing you want to do is spend your entire summer maintaining and up keeping your garden; you want to enjoy the time with your guests.

The Practicalities of Starting a Home-Based Business

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Starting a home business might seem like a great way of redressing the dreaded work-life balance when it’s gotten out of whack, so you can spend more time with your family and not have to worry about stressful things like the commute and annoying colleagues. All of that stuff may be true, but it doesn’t mean that starting your own business from home is a breeze – it isn’t.


There are lots of practicalities that you will need to think about when considering a home-based business if you want it to be a success. Here are some of the most important:




Just because you have a laptop and access to the internet, doesn’t mean you can just set up business right now, no money required. Sure, you might be able to do that if you want to start a blogging business or something, but even then, it’s better to have some capital so you can invest in better website designs and do a little marketing, and for everything else, well it’s pretty impossible.


So, you need to find a source of funding. Luckily, there are lots of options open to even small home-based businesses. You could try for a traditional bank loan for a small business, try your hand at crowdfunding, get an angel investor onboard or even use your savings. Your job is to identify your best bet, create a compelling business plan and go in armed with the knowledge and drive to secure funding.




It’s tough enough to start a business in normal circumstances, let alone when you’re working from home around family life, That’s why it’s pretty important that you can create your own working space within your home. If you don’t have a spare room that you can convert into an office, then you might want to think about building an office in the garden. If you’re going to be selling goods, then you’ll probably need some storage space too. A garage or spare room might suffice in the early days. But what about when your company really takes off?. What will you do then? It’s better to work the workspace issue out sooner rather than later.


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The Legalities


You might think that it’s your home so you can do whatever you want with it, but you’ll probably find that there are various local rules and regulations about what you can and cannot do in the home. For example, if you plan to bake cookies at home and sell them online, it is likely that you will need to have your kitchen assessed for suitability and to ensure that you meet certain standards. You need to check out what you can and cannot do so that you don’t fall foul of the law and potentially get into a lot of trouble.


Your Routine


When you work from home, it can be hard to get motivated and easy for you to fall into a pattern of doing the chores or taking care of the kids when you should be working. It’s important, then that you work out how you’re going to structure your routine to keep work and life as separate as possible so that you can give each your full potential.


I hope working from home works out well for you.

Tricks to Pay Off Any Loan Much Faster

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If becoming debt-free is one of your goals (and good debt aside,it probably should be), you’re going to want to use as many tricks as you can to pay down your debts much faster than the average person.

With that in mind, here are some of the best methods for paying off any loans you may have a whole lot faster:


Make Payments Every Two Weeks


Making payments to your lender on a  bi-weekly basis instead of a monthly one will help you to accumulate much less interest on your debts, cut the amount of time you’re in debt for and show that you are a responsible borrower. Just make sure that you don’t get stung with any additional penalties for paying off your loans faster before you implement this very simple trick.


Round Up Your Payments

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You will pay off your loans much faster if you pay more than the minimum each month. If things are tight and you can’t really pay a lot more towards the cost of your loan than you already are, then at least consider rounding it up, so if your payment is $36.75 per month, pay $40. It might not seem like much, but every penny really does count, and you’ll be surprised how much quicker you can clear your debts by doing this.


Refinance Your Loans


Another option that might help you to pay off your loans faster and save money is using a company like to refinance your loans. They will give you a lump sum to pay off existing debts, so all you will be left with is a one lower interest loan that you can put all your efforts into clearing.


Sign Up to ImplulseSave

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ImpulseSave is a great little tool that enables you to save money instead of spending it by encouraging you to use the money you are tempted to spend on a new pair of shoes, phone or dress, for example, to add to your savings, If you add the app to your phone, it will encourage you to do the right thing, save more money and use the cash to pay off your debts.


Use Windfalls to Make an Extra Payment


Whenever you get a tax refund, an unexpected bonus from work or you have a win on the lottery, for example, instead of treating it as ‘extra’ cash that you can use however you like, make a commitment to use it to make an extra payment on your loans. Do this, and you could shave several dollars off your monthly payments over the course of the year, simply by lowering your balance.


Use a Zero Interest Credit Card

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If you can get a credit card that has a zero interest period on money transfers, use it to pay off your loan and then you can pay off the credit card balance interest-free. If you haven’t paid it off by the time the free period comes to an end, you can always apply for a zero interest balance transfer card and keep doing the credit card shuffle until it’s all gone. You know it makes sense!


Time to start bringing down that balance!

Having A Successful Home Birth



Deciding to give birth to your child at home is a huge decision but is one that increasingly more mothers to be are making. Giving birth at home is an appealing option because you can be in your own environment, it is private and you have all those home comforts at your disposal. If you are considering taking this method to welcome your child into the world, here are some tips.


  1. Do your research


Just like with anything, the first step is to research your different options to find out as much as you can. Visiting your doctor can help because they can give you the information and advice, and then the decision is up to you for which type of labour is best for you.

2. Pick an experienced midwife


Giving birth to a healthy child is the most important thing you will ever do, and because of this you need to make sure that the midwife you choose is seasoned in the field. Find out how many births she has attended, and if she works with an assistant. At this point you may also want to ask for any advice that you can be doing in the meantime to either induce labour or keep your body as strong and healthy as you can. Using vitamins like can benefit you and the baby, and eating spicy food can induce labour.

  1. Plan for emergencies

Ask your midwife what complications they have had to deal with in the past. Your midwife should have encountered multiple types of emergency in her time, and she should be prepared if necessary to suture a laceration in your body, stop a postpartum hemorrhage and resuscitate a child if needed.

4. Make a plan


If you do plan to give birth at home,you need to be aware that if something does go wrong, you won’t have immediate access to a doctor like you would in the hospital. Make sure that between you and your midwife you make a plan that if something does go wrong, you will be able to get yourself to the hospital and treated immediately. You midwife should warn the hospital that you are coming so that when you arrive, you are ready to be treated.

5. Where will you give birth?


It could be a case that your home itself is a little too small to be putting a pool in the living room, so you might end up using a relative’s house. Make sure you discuss this all with your family to work out the best option, and also decide who will be attending the birth.

  1. Have tests done


When you choose to have a home birth, your ultrasounds, prenatal tests and everything else will be put through your doctor’s office. This is because if you are transferred to the hospital for any reason, your medical records will already be on file ready for treatment. This is why it is also advisable to get some test done, so that when you reach the hospital in an emergency the doctors won’t need to run tests, they can just read your file. Here are some of the tests you can do:

  1. Check your insurance


Many insurance plans will not cover you for a home birth if anything happens, so be aware of this. You will generally get six weeks worth of postpartum care after the birth paid for. If you suffer from any complications through the pregnancy or the birth, this might change. Make sure you have a buffer saved up in case you need to fork out for extra care.

8. Understand the risk


Before you choose to go down the home brith route, you need to bear in mind that a home birth is much more risky than a hospital birth. There is almost a double chance of a baby not making it when you are giving birth at home compared to a hospital, this is likely due to the fact you don’t have the same medical facilities available to you at home. Be very aware of the fact that even if you do travel to the hospital, because your body is vulnerable in transit, you could run a higher risk of a hemorrhage.


If you do choose to give birth at home, make sure that you have researched every option, that you know every risk and that you have a plan of action should things go wrong. Other than that, you should be able to enjoy your labour at home with your loved ones, and welcome a new member to your family.