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Home Is Where the Heart Is: Future-Proofing Your Home for Your Children

The future is a topic that very few people enjoy talking about. Sure, the immediate future is fun. For example, maybe you plan to go on a trip with your kids soon, or perhaps there’s an upcoming party that you

Delicious DIY: The Essentials of Perfect Preparation For Precise Performance

Source   Keeping on track during a home renovation or decoration project is one of the most difficult parts of the process.   That’s some going, really. This is a process that involves painting; when the paint is stubbornly streaky

Sick & Tired Of Your Home Feeling Overcrowded But Don’t Have The Budget To Move?

If your family has started to outgrow your home, but your budget won’t allow you to move at the moment, you might be feeling trapped. Living in a space that’s overcrowded is never going to be enjoyable, so you need

Creating A Personalized Space for Your Kids In The Home

  My goal as a mom is creating a personalized and individual space for the kids in my home.  This can be anything from having their own dishes to their favorite seat at the dinner table.  This is great for kids especially

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