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Sleepover Success In 4 Simple Steps

(source)   The first time your child hosts a sleepover, it can feel like an overwhelming proposition. Not only do you have to provide due care and attention for your own kids as standard, but also extend your care to

The Worst Social Blunders You Can Make At A Big Event

You might think it’s your worst fear when it comes to embarrassing yourself at an event or party: turning up in the same dress as someone else. Well, luckily thanks to this blog post, you don’t need to worry about

The Ultimate Guide To Your Kid’s Birthday

Picture Source   Ah, birthdays. A wonderful time of year… for your child, maybe. For you, the pressure is on as you race to organise every last element of the big day so that there are no tears, and yet,

How To Do A Pre-Stork Party On A Budget

Image via Flickr Planning a baby shower nowadays is kind of a big deal. It’s no longer sitting around and exchanging presents – there’s so much more to consider. Games, food, drinks, decorations … it’s all got to be delicately

Kids Party Disasters You Need To Avoid

Throwing a kid’s birthday party can be a lot of fun. There is all that preparation to do, as well as making the cake and the decorations. But it can also be a bit of a stress, as you want

Sentimental Gift Ideas That Move With Time

There is an old tradition that many households have gone through as they raise children. When they are old enough to stand, children lean against a doorframe while a parent marks their height with a pen. An age is then

How To Pick Gifts For Children By Their Age

When you are choosing gifts for children, it can be quite tricky. It can be hard to get the balance right from something that they enjoy with characters they like, to things that will actually help them learn and be

Fall In Love With Stress-Free Parties Again

Have you ever heard of a stress-free party? That probably lives in the same imaginary world than unicorns or pink castles, you might think. In truth, what makes the party stressless is how you approach it. Parties, whether they are

Drowning In Party Pressure? Organize Yourself To Ensure Your Kid Is A Guest Worth Inviting!

Image Source   Every parent knows the struggle of those endless party invitations. Of course, it’s satisfying to know your little one has friends. That’s one worry crossed off the list. Even so, the amount of invitations can get overwhelming!

Impromtu Dinner Party Advice!

The idea of throwing a dinner party can be both exciting and daunting.  Especially if you don’t have a large house or a huge kitchen.  It’s part of our nature to crave social contact and the very best times we

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