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How Freelancers Can Stand Out From The Crowd

The way that people work is changing a lot. Obviously, most people still work a normal job but more companies are moving toward hiring people on a temporary basis as and when they need them. This gig economy has created

Respecting Modern Laws While Knowing Your Rights

It’s everybody’s civic duty to abide by the law of the land; without doing so, society crumbles and anarchy replaces it. Laws were designed and put into place to not only protect people from other people who may wish to

The Top Three Gadgets That Will Help You Stay Fit And Healthy

Keeping our weight in check: just how to do it seems to be the question of the century. If you asked a room full of regular women if they spend a lot of time workout out, most would say yes.

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Help Your Children Use Modern Technology Wisely!

Flickr   This is not an article condemning the act of giving your child gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Indeed, these gadgets can be very cool tools for you and your child. But let’s face it: it comes with a

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Your First Smart Home: The Ultimate Guide

Imagine being able to walk into your home, tap your mobile device, and then have the lights turn on, your favorite TV show flicker up, and the heat adjust to just the right temperature. A few years ago, this may

Needs Vs. Wants: The Conundrum Of Technology And Your Kids

Most homes have a computer and the internet now. A lot of you are probably pretty tech savvy. But there’s a difference between being good with tech and making sure that tech is good for your family. Here, we’ll be

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Do Home Gadgets Really Make Your Life Better? You’d Be Surprised

The tech revolution has come to your pocket in the form of your smartphone. It’s coming to your car in the shape of EVs and autonomous vehicles. But is it coming to your home? You bet it is! Nothing can

Don’t Make These Mistakes When It Comes To Technology And Your Family

Over the last decade, technology has taken over our lives. In fact, you will struggle to find a family in your neighborhood who don’t own at least one phone and tablet. In fact, more kids than ever have their own

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Getting Online: Knowing What Kind Of Internet Connection You And Your Family Need

    We’ve all been there. Five minutes until an important deadline and your internet cuts out. Your hard work goes to waste as you get marks deducted from your assignment for late submission or end up having to have

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Give Your Home A Sci-Fi Makeover With Smart Technology

If at any time you feel in need of a laugh, a good tip is to look at films from twenty, thirty years ago which were set in “the future”. The “future” that they imagine is usually a technological dreamscape.

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