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Embracing A More Natural Home Decor In Your Family Home

Why would you want your family to have to live together and bond in a home that is totally artificial and uninspiring? Embracing natural decor in your family home can not only make it more beautiful, it can transform your

Helpful Advice For Decorating An Older Home

Despite what some magazines and blogs would have you believe, decorating a house successfully isn’t all about making it look modern and current. In fact, if you tried to modernize an older home, you could wind up suffocating the inherent

Create Your Teen’s First Grown Up Bedroom With These Easy Tips

It seems like only yesterday they wanted everything pink and princess, or football and dinosaurs. Now they’ve hit their mid-teens, and it’s all ‘so embarrassing.’ You’ve probably already salvaged some of those much-treasured stuffed animals and clothes your child threw

What Makes The Perfect Holiday Home?

If you have some savings stashed away, buying a second property as a holiday home is an excellent way to spend your money. Not only will it give you a fantastic place to while away occasional weekends and holidays, but

Safety And Style: Ingenious Interior Tips For Moms

When you’re a parent, you have to think about safety as well as a style when it comes to redecorating or remodeling your home. It’s important that your home is a safe haven for your kids, but that doesn’t mean

Home Decor Inspiration From Across The Globe

[ image credit: here ]   We all absorb influences, unconsciously and consciously, in all areas of our lives. We take influence from people who are important to us and from what we read. We use processes from our work

A Guide To Elegant Decor When You’ve Got Kids

If you’ve got kids, having an elegant decor might seem like an impossible dream to you! Fortunately, this post is here to help you. Take a look at these tips and you could have an elegant decor that’s easy to

5 Key Things To Consider When Picking The Decor For Your Home

Getting your home to look the way you want it is high up on most mommy’s lists. But decorating can be difficult when you have a young family. Read my tips below on the aspects you need to consider when

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Five Super Useful Tips To Improve Your Child’s Bedroom

Five Super Useful Tips To Improve Your Child’s Bedroom Attribution Post   As our children grow and develop, they need different things from their bedroom. You might even find them spending more time, in their own room and less with

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