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Calming The Hyperactive Hurricane In Your Family Home

Picture Credit   Kids have always been full of energy. Blame it on their youth, but they just never seem to stop. And, us parents have to keep up with them when they’re in the home. When they’re young, we

How an IEP Saved My Child in School

As my IEP meeting approaches I felt compelled to share how it has impacted our lives for the better.  How as a parent it has encouraged me in many ways. Initially I was very skeptical to report Isaac’s diagnosis to

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How My Son with Autism Has Made Me a Better Mom

  The words will forever remain in my head as if it happened yesterday, “your child has Autism”. After reading and researching every aspect of the spectrum, I knew that this was identical to my Isaac. I knew from the

Music and the Autistic Child

I have found that music helps my son with ASD and ADHD  cope  during meltdowns and is a great motivation to encourage him. There are some  apps available and have a wide array of instruments to practice.  However,  Actual instruments