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Pregnant With Multiples? Don’t Panic!

Even if you’ve undergone fertility treatment and you’ve known all along that a multiple pregnancy is a high possibility, finding out you’re pregnant with twins or more can still be a huge shock. Suddenly, your pregnancy joy turns into outright

Building A Post-Pregnancy Wardrobe

No matter what you see in celebrity magazines, the pregnancy belly doesn’t always disappear with the baby. It can be disheartening when you’ve overcome labour but still look six months pregnant, but rest assured that the belly will go down

A Real Mid-Life Crisis: The Cost Of Having A Baby In Your 40s

Having a child in your 40s is far more common now than it was about 20 years ago. With the increase in technology and the fact that we are living longer, combined with optimum healthcare, the option to have a

Getting Your Health Back On Track After Baby

During the nine months of pregnancy, it’s easy for your health to go wayward. After all, with all the perils of pregnancy like nausea and sickness, your diet might go out the window. And with your little one taking all

How To Effectively Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Many mothers don’t reach their peak body weight until after the baby is born and at least 1 year old. Women on average have 13% more fat than men to begin with because the female anatomy is constantly preparing itself

How to Look Like a Hot Mama to Be

Image source There’s nothing like that fantastic feeling you get when you first learn that you’re pregnant, but for many women, that feeling can begin to fade a little when they’re belly gets big, their ankles swell, and they’re confronted

The 4 Best Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Despite the daily aches and pains, getting a good night’s rest is a common struggle among pregnant women. The biggest factors that cause this are weight gain, stress, and new dietary restrictions. But it is found that the best tool

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