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Summer Lovin’: Preparing Your Home for the Hottest Season

Image source If you love summer like mice like cheese, you will not doubt be counting down the months until the best season comes calling, but instead of waiting and wishing that the weather was better, why not put the

Common Mouse-takes Families Make When Dealing With Pests And Vermin

Pexels   No one wants to find unwelcome house guests in their home. I’m not talking about an aunt or uncle who isn’t getting the hint and won’t go home! I’m talking about pests and vermin who end up living

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Backyard Revival: Key Features And Trends To Make Your Garden The Talk Of The Town

When you think of gardening, you may assume that it’s all about planting bulbs and sowing seeds. However, you’d be wrong. Increasingly, the backyard has become a versatile area, which can act as extra living and entertaining space. If you’re

Is Your Garden Stressing You Out? Your Four Stages To A Peaceful Relaxing Outdoor Area

So, let’s say you’ve moved into a new house – or you’ve been in your current one a while but focused on other things. One morning you look out into your garden and your heart sinks. You have up to

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Is Your Garden Getting You Down? Take Control of It with These Improvement Tips

For a lot of people, their garden is just a dumping ground of random tools with an old barbeque setup. That’s the wrong way to go about it! Your garden shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be a prized area

Tired Of Your Boring Garden? Here’s How You Can Transform It Into A Luxury Haven

These days, our gardens are becoming more important to us than ever. When we buy a home, the amount of garden space it comes with can be an important deciding factor in whether or not we go ahead with the

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3 Easy Steps to Creating a Pest and Bug Free Home

Whatever your feeling about bugs or household pests, we can all agree that they belong outside. They can create an unhygienic environment, as well as literally being a pest! How annoying is it to hear buzzing or to get an

Want To Teach Your Kids About Recycling? Here’s How To Do It!

There’s no denying that recycling is something that we all try to do. Even in small ways, we want to help divert waste from landfill sites and incinerators. These days, it’s quite easy to recycle a variety of materials. Plus,

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Easy Ways To Prepare Your Garden For The Winter

Barbeques, tending to flowers and sunbathing in the garden are always so much fun and a great way to enjoy your outside space- but the problem with the warmer months is they just don’t seem to last long enough. For

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Top Tips For Creating A Perfect Kitchen

If you’re becoming more and more frustrated with your kitchen, you’re not alone. Many of us have looked around our homes and found things we wish we could change. But kitchens seem to be so permanent. We rarely rip them

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