10 Summer Holiday Tips That Money Savvy Moms Will Love

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The summer holidays are great for the kids, but for parents, knowing what to do to entertain them can be difficult, especially if money is an issue. Thankfully, we are here to help. Here are ten money saving tips you might find useful.

Make use of local attractions

You may not have to travel far to find something interesting to do with your kids. There are sure to be attractions local to you, and many of them will be free. From parks to museums, head online and find out what is on offer.

Get an annual membership

Some places still insist on charging us money every time we head through their gates. Still, there are ways to save money, and that is to buy an annual membership. This will be cheaper than paying for a ticket every time you choose to visit, and you have the freedom to visit whenever you like throughout the year.

Keep hold of loyalty cards

To retain your custom, many places will hand out loyalty cards. From eating venues to tourist attractions, make sure you keep your loyalty cards in one place. You may have to visit them ten times before you get your next visit free, but you will save money eventually.

Use your local library

The local library often has summer activities for kids of all ages, and they will be educational to boot. Of course, you could simply take your kids to the library and get them back into reading again.

Search online for holiday discounts

Don’t pay full price for a holiday when you can find fantastic deals online. Sites such as DontPayFull.com have many coupons and money off-deals for holiday makers, so whether you are looking for a last-minute deal or are planning for next year.

Sign kids up for local activities

Churches, community groups, and leisure centres often have a range of activities for the kids over the summer. Book your kids in early, and give yourself some much-needed rest as others look after your young ones.

Save money at the cinema

A visit to the cinema can cost you a fortune, but you can save money. For starters, keep hold of your 3D glasses so you can reuse them. Then buy drinks, sweets, etc. at your local supermarket. Your cinema should also have family discounts and have special days when everything is half-price.

Go for a picnic

Kids love picnics, so a day out somewhere scenic will be a treat. Parents.com has some great picnic ideas for kids, which are both healthy and affordable.

Buddy up with other moms

Cut down on your stress and expenses by buddying up with other moms. Share the costs of activities, and enjoy some adult company while your kids play with their friends.

Go camping

Finally, regular readers of Successfulmommyadvice.com will know we love camping. Not only are you getting the kids off the sofa, but camping outdoors is an affordable holiday for many families. Pitch your tent anywhere that is legal, and enjoy some quality bonding time together.

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