4 Reasons Freelancing Is Better Than Starting A Business



As a mom with a lot of time on your hands, there are many routes you can go down for work. Of course, you could always go back to work and get a part-time job, but I think the flexibility of working from home is beneficial for parents. So, you’re left with two main ideas; start a home business or become a freelancer.


For me, freelancing is the better option, and I’ll explain why in the points below:

Far Cheaper For You

While running a business might generate more money, it will also cost a lot more to run. You’ve got the overhead costs to think about, which could be very high depending on what business you operate. Let’s say you run an online business from home where you sell products. You’ve got the cost of the products themselves, plus shipping costs, marketing, etc. When you freelance, you don’t really have any operating costs. At the most, you’ll pay a little bit to market yourself better and find more work.

No Employee Issues

Some people say they want to start a home business and work on their own. However, this will only happen for a certain amount of time. At some point, if your business does well, you’ll need to grow and hire additional help. This then throws up the potential for numerous employee issues. They might be unproductive and hold you back, or they could cause problems for your company. If things turn sour with an employee, they might try and sue you, meaning you’ll have to go through the effort of hiring an employment lawyer. Again, this reverts back to the first point in that it costs money. Save all these potential problems by freelancing and only having yourself to depend on.

Less Stressful

Make no mistake about it; running a business is stressful. Even people with successful companies will struggle with stress as there are so many things to worry about. Plus, add a family on top of this, and you’re pretty much living a permanently stressed life. But, as a freelancer, your job is much less stressful. You will be doing something you’re good at, and it could even be enjoyable for you.

More Options

As a freelancer, you also have more options when it comes to working. There are loads of people and businesses out there looking for freelance help. If you run a business, your options are pretty much limited to trying to find customers for your products/services. Plus, if your business fails, that’s it. But, if some freelance work falls through, there’s another option somewhere waiting to be taken.

So, if you want to step back into the world of work as a mom, why not give freelancing a go? It’s a flexible way of working that means you can stay at home and still keep an eye on any young children in the house. Plus, you can earn a lot of money once you get into the swing of things. It’ll be like a regular job, only more enjoyable and without the strict 9-5 schedule.

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