4 Steps To The Perfect Homework Space

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Helping your kids to thrive in all areas of life is every parent’s priority. Ensuring that they are able to perform to the best of their ability at school is one of the foremost priorities.

While their school and teachers have a big hand in educating your children, so do you. Once they return home from school, they will have homework. While they might need your help in completing it, there is something else that they need you to provide them with. A homework space, of course.

This space should be functional, and this can be achieved in a number of ways. It should be laid out properly, and lit well, for example. Read on for more, and for five quick steps to making the perfect homework space.


Step 1:

A Quiet Environment

Just as we adults can be distracted, so can children and young people. In fact, perhaps even more so! This is why it is so important that the homework space allows them to focus. You’ll achieve this by limiting the amount of noise they can hear. So that goes for people talking nearby, or the sound of the TV drifting upstairs. Also, limit the amount of technology they have in the room, or they’ll be tempted to play it.


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Step 2:

An Uncluttered Desk

Another distraction comes in the form of a cluttered desk. The space should be bare and simple and only have on it the necessities. Have a computer screen that can easily be moved. That way, if your kid is just working in textbooks, they can focus on these. You can also increase the amount of space by moving it. A pot of pens and highlighters and a glass of water are pretty much everything else you’ll need. Explain to your child or children why having too much on the desk will distract them, too. Otherwise, they might add to the clutter themselves. Every couple of nights, give the desk a wipe down to prevent the spread of germs.


Step 3:

Sufficient Lighting

Our eyes are incredible things, and they work very hard for us. For this reason alone, we need to take great care of them. Of course, you should be taking your child for eye check-ups regularly, especially if they even start to complain of headaches. However, the way to combat this before any issues even occur is with sufficient lighting. Good lighting means that our eyes don’t have to strain to see things clearly. This is why led lights are such a good option, because of how bright they are.


Step 4:

Suitable Storage Solutions

Chances are your kid will have more than just a couple of books! In fact, with so many subjects at play, they could have lots of folders and files. This is why good storage solutions are so important. They keep the important bits of paper and homework close at hand. Plus, by putting them away, it reduces the risk of drink spillages. Oh, and it reduces the chance of the need to give a “the dog ate my homework” excuse too!

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