7 Ways to Improve The Quality of Your Life


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This article offers 7 things you can do, today, to improve the quality of your life for the many tomorrow’s ahead of you.  These principles apply to anyone regardless of where you’ve been and where you are today – you have the power to change your life, anytime you want, and these tips will give you some inspiration on where to get started.



Whatever your interests and passion, pursuing a hobby on a regular and consistent basis is a great way to improve the quality of your life.  Whether your hobby is something creative like photography, active like badminton, or as tedious as trainspotting, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks – the key point is that you enjoy it.  You deserve to make the time for something you enjoy, and the more time you make for it, the happier and more balanced you will become.



Nowadays, whatever you want to learn, the internet makes learning new skills very easy, convenient, and cheap.  There are plenty of sites like Udemy where you can learn anything from social skills to creative skills; and from some of the world’s leading experts, such as Seth Godin on Marketing.  There’s a popular saying that states “the more you earn the more you learn”.



There’s an idea that, in life, “the more you give the more you get” meaning that when you live in a state of abundance, whether this is with your time or money, it will return to you tenfold.  There’s a popular quote from Tony Robbins that says “the secret to giving is living” meaning the most effective way to feel happiness and improve the quality of your own life is to give back to others.  Think about it, when are you happiest – is it when you’re receiving a gift or seeing the expression on a grateful receiver’s face?



There’s a good chance you’ll have heard the saying “count your blessings”.  It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of how lucky you are.  Indeed, it’s often the case that we compare ourselves to those with more than we are – whether that’s the idea they have more money, better looks, a better relationship and so on.  Rather than focus on what you lack, it’s better to appreciate what you have, as this will attract more of the good stuff toward you.  



Unfortunately, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.  You’ll encounter some hard times and at times you’ll naturally feel down in the dumps… the trick is to change your state, as your emotional state ultimately determines the quality of your decisions, and the quality of your decisions determine the quality of your life.  When you watch something funny, it will naturally change your state to one of a more upbeat and positive vibe.



Some would argue your Health IQ is just as significant, if not more important than your intellectual ability, because without your health, you have nothing.  Indeed, looking after your health and fitness is the most impactful things you can do to improve the quality of your life.



If you don’t have any positive role models in your life right now, or are surrounded by negative people that just complain and moan about their lives, you need to start getting around some positive messages… even if these come from audio programs or motivational YouTube clips, one of the fastest ways to improve the quality of your life is to get around positive, empowering and inspirational individuals that encourage you to become all that you can be.

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