Calming The Hyperactive Hurricane In Your Family Home

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Kids have always been full of energy. Blame it on their youth, but they just never seem to stop. And, us parents have to keep up with them when they’re in the home. When they’re young, we run around and at least try to stop them wrecking the place. Even when they get older, we have to listen to the mayhem and try our best to calm things down. In extreme cases, hyperactive kids leave us with no choice but to look into ADHD. It’s not surprising when you consider that a shocking 6.4 million kids in the U.S. alone have been diagnosed.

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If you think this could be the reason for your child’s high energy levels, a doctor can help you move forward. Head to sites like for a list of symptoms. But, if their continually being on the go is nothing more than typical kid stuff, there’s no sure fix. Instead of handing over to professionals, you need to find your own solutions. Lucky for you; we’ve got a few things worth trying.

Focus on your home

If well-behaved kids play up at home, it may be worth reconsidering the space. Bright colors and cluttered rooms lead to overstimulation. To overcome the issue, try to keep your space clutter-free. Opt, too, for neutral colors over bright choices. Think, also, about things you could include which would create a calming atmosphere. Dim lighting can help a lot, so it may be worth installing dimmer switches in family rooms. Scent can also go far. You could turn to sites like, and invest in diffusers which will release calming essential oils into your home. Or, you could rely on candles for scent, which also provide relaxing candlelight.

Less technology


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In keeping with the idea of overstimulation, it’s also worth reducing technology. Nothing overstimulates them quite as much as long periods using technology. If, like many kids, they have a lot of choices, this becomes even more of an issue. With the television on in the background, music blaring into their ears, AND an iPad game on the go, is it any wonder they get overexcited? Instead, limit technology use. Restrict screen-time to what you think appropriate. It may also be worth applying a rule about only using one system at a time.

Take it outside


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While modern living can exacerbate the issue, kids should have excess energy. It’s one of the best things about being young. Instead of always squashing this in your kids, let them spend time outside at least once a day to burn the energy. They go to school, of course, but that only involves sitting in the classroom. So, you should get into the habit of encouraging them to play in your outdoor space. Or, you could take them for walks and bike rides. Even just a trip to the local park will help them burn energy. After an hour or so, you can be sure they’ll return home much quieter than they were before.

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