Easy Ways to Create the Ultimate Child Friendly Home

In many ways, children can be what makes a house and home. They provide so much love, fun, and interaction that our home becomes a joyful and inviting place to be. Our home should ultimately be our sanctuary. It should be the place where we feel safe, supported, and can’t wait to return to. With heavy work commitments coupled with family life, it is more important than ever that we ensure our home works for us. If we constantly find that we are having to do maintenance, renovation, and other work on our home it can become exhausting. Changes to the home out of choice are one thing, but changes from pressure and necessity are another. There might be several things we need to consider when living alone or with a partner. The comfort and temperature of the home are important, for example. The tidiness of the rooms and effective use of space are important for our mobility and efficiency. Every consideration we make about our house should benefit us and enable us to live more smoothly and easily. But these concerns are often more important than ever if we have children. Not only is their safety of paramount importance, but it is often particularly important to stay organised too. An immaculately clean and tidy house may not be a practical aim every hour of every day. But an organised house that is well structured and suitable for purpose is something that all of us can aim for. If you are fortunate enough to have a family and you want to turn your home into the ultimate child-friendly space, then look no further.




Staying Safe


Safety is perhaps one of the greatest preoccupations of a family with children. The home can be a hazardous place even for careful adults. But when curious, energetic children are added to the mix, it becomes more important than ever to be cautious. It can be overwhelming to try and consider the safety of the house as a whole. It can be more helpful and productive to consider each room. Total “no go” areas are rarely a good idea. A room with serious immovable hazards such as workshop tools or sharp ornaments are perhaps an exception. But ultimately, children should be allowed to explore. Banning certain rooms or areas can often be counterproductive too as it adds to their allure! Setting boundaries with items such as locked cabinets or doors can be necessary, but consider them carefully. Try to make hazardous objects safe or teach children how to be around them safely. Consider each room in terms of its safety, in both overview and detail. Check that wires are not dangling or poorly maintained, for example. Ensure that heavy objects are not likely to fall or be pulled over. High windows should be locked or carefully monitored. Looking at areas from a child’s height can be helpful, and you’ll be amazed at what might catch your eye! A safe home for a child is also a safe home for an adult. Keeping hazards to a minimum and tidying as you go can be a great step for an organised household.




Staying Tidy


Keeping a house clean and tidy is not merely a superficial concern. It can also affect how quickly and easily we can find things, as well as helping us not to trip on them! Persuading children to stay tidy can be difficult. It can be equally difficult for adults if we return home exhausted or have several other commitments. It can be a far more successful operation if we approach it in small, regular steps. A huge tidy once every so often can be tempting but can make things tricky in between. It can also be overwhelming when it ultimately comes to getting in done. Many families swear by the 10 minute tidy instead. After a specific activity or even at the end of the day, a timer is set for 10 minutes and everyone tidies without distraction. The results you can achieve in such a short space of time are astounding. When your mind is directed only on the single task, especially if you have helpers, you can achieve a lot. Investing in cupboards, cabinets, and other effective storage can also make the best use of space. Wipe-clean surfaces and surface covers that can be easily cleaned and folded away can be a lifesaver too.




Staying Comfortable


It is very important for the family home to remain comfortable. Children are often sensitive to heat and cold, and it can affect us as adults too. It can be cosy and pleasant to include blankets and throws around the house during the colder months. Tumblers of water and mini safety fans can also be great during the summer. Comfortable children are often more manageable and well behaved. It is worth investing in the insulation of our homes or adequate heating and cooling systems. If it is not an option you have investigated learn more about it at Academy Air or other reputable brands. A well ventilated home can help us stay healthy and germ-free, which is particularly important around children.




Staying Fun!
Some of the strongest and most positive memories many of us have are from the family home. You will want your children to have fond, happy memories of their home as a fun and wonderful space. There are many ways to make a home more fun that can be adapted to suit any budget or timescale. Make sure you’re making the best use of available space. If there is an area that your children love to play, include toy boxes and fun bags so they can clean up after themselves. An easy-to-clean area of the kitchen or conservatory can be a great station for arts and crafts. Keeping your garden well-maintained can also have huge family benefits. You will have a convenient, inviting area for family activities and the children can get fresh air while under supervision. If you don’t know how best to decorate an area or make it fun, ask the children! They often have hugely creative ideas about how best to use a space. If they feel they have been involved and collaborated on something, they are far more likely to make use of it too.

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