Father’s Day And Beyond: Make Sure Your Partner Feels Valued

Father’s Day will be taking place on Sunday in the United States, and that means you’ve got an opportunity to show your partner – and your children’s daddy – just how much they mean to you. They work hard throughout the year, and you know what they’re like – they don’t expect too much in return for their sacrifices, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be treated every now and again. Below, we’ve put together some gift ideas. Don’t worry if you’ve already sorted their Father’s Day gift – or if you don’t have children – as these gifts are appropriate for all, all the year round.

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Free For The Evening

Your partner won’t always want a gift: they’ll just want some time to do whatever they want! If you’ve got a home and a family, then there’ll nearly always be busy with the various tasks that need to be taken care of. When you give them a card, slip a little note inside with a ‘Free for the Evening’ card. At some point in the future – maybe when there’s a sporting event on – they can trade in the card and free themselves of adult responsibilities for the night.

Releasing Their Inner Child

The best gifts for men are the ones that make them feel like they’re a child again. That means, doing some cool activities! If they’re mad about cars, then get them a driving experience and let them tear up the track in a car they’ll likely never be able to afford. You can also get them flying experiences, scuba diving sessions, skiing adventures…the list goes on. They’ll get an adrenaline buzz and have the time of their life, we’re sure.

Indulging in their Passion

If your partner is particularly passionate about one thing, then why not build their gift around that passion? If they’re particularly interested in, say, craft beer, then you already know they’d love a trip to a craft beer festival. Buy two tickets – one for them and a friend (maybe you!) – and arrange transportation so they can sample the delicious beers without worrying about getting home. They’re sure to have a passion which is uniquely their own, so use that, and they’re sure to be happy.

Special Attention

If you can’t think of one gift to buy for your partner or don’t have time to think about big gifts, then you can always just make the entire Father’s Day special. Start off with breakfast in bed. Think of an activity they’d like to do in the morning, and treat them to a few small gifts along the way. They can have the afternoon to do whatever they want and then in the evening, prepare their favorite meal or go out to eat at their favorite restaurant. Make it all about them!

Making Every Day Count

You don’t have to wait for Father’s Day or any other day dedicated to them to make your partner feel special. Show them every day! Small gestures of love are easy to do and go a long way to ensure your relationship stays healthy.

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