Getting Your Motorhome Holiday Right

When it comes to a family trip in the motorhome, some parents become full dread instead of enthusiasm. Holidays should be about relaxing and enjoying yourselves. The stress should be left behind, but when you have children to think about and a destination to get to, it’s easier said than done. Holidaying in a motorhome can create memories that the entire family treasure for a lifetime and the key to getting it right is planning. So, what do you need to do for a fabulous motorhome holiday?




Don’t Rely on the SAT NAV

Getting a satellite navigation system is a brilliant investment. More often than not, they’ll get you to your destination in perfect time. However, if you’re travelling far, they’re not always 100% reliable. You don’t want to come across a closed road and have the SAT NAV direct you into a farmer’s field. There will always be mishaps when it comes to driving somewhere you’ve never been before. It often takes a while for SAT NAVS to update when roads have been rebuilt and re-directed. That being said, take a map and written directions with you just in case.



If you know you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, it’s wise to plan some entertainment for the kids that isn’t packed away in bags and suitcases. Let the kids choose a few toys and games to keep out while you’re on the road. Card games, soft toys and portable DVD players can be a god send. They may need some drinks and snacks too, but remember that, that usually results in more toilet breaks. So, if you’re without a toilet in your motorhome be prepared to stop every now and then.


Choose the Right Place

Before you head off, it’s a good idea to do your research into sites, the same way you did with your  RV dealer. Is it clean? Is there plenty to do nearby? Are pets allowed? If you want to know you’re headed for a great holiday, you need to ask questions first. Getting recommendations from people who have already stayed there is always a good idea. You’ll also find reviews online if you look hard enough.




Make the Most of the Outdoors

If you know you’re going to be outdoors a lot throughout the holiday, plan some activities. For instance, you could take your bikes with you or hire some when you arrive. A family bike ride is always fun and works up an appetite for later in the day. If there’s a beach nearby, remember to take swimwear and paddling boards for the kids. You can find a list of great outdoor activities here so you have plenty to choose from.


A holiday in a motorhome can be as expensive as a holiday abroad, so make sure you’ve put some money aside for things like food, clothing, treats and paying for activities. A motorhome can be a home away from home, so once you’re settled in, forget everything else and have your perfect family holiday.

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