Simple Steps To Take Your Bathroom From En-Suite To Spa Retreat

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The bathroom provides the perfect place for peace and quiet. You can lock the door and run yourself a luxurious bubble bath in which you can relax and forget about everything else. In fact, chilling out in the bathroom can be so relaxing that many busy professionals and stressed parents really treasure this private time to themselves. If you are lucky enough to have an en-suite, you can relax in even more privacy!

If you really enjoy lounging in the bath, why not consider turning your en-suite into a gorgeous spa retreat? Recreating all the pleasures of a spa is easy enough to do in any bathroom. And it doesn’t have to cost you the world either! Here are some simple tips that can help you create your very own spa.

Think About Presentation
The first thing you notice when you walk into a spa is just how pretty it looks. And one way the spa smartens itself up is by creatively displaying all the various beauty products that customers can use. For example, the bath salts and skin lotions aren’t just stacked up by the saunas. They will be presented in an attractive way on vintage tables and wooden cupboards. So, consider the presentation of your own bubble bath and soaps. Carefully arrange them on a cute table right by your tub.

Add Lots Of Softness
No one likes stepping out of the bath as it can often feel very cold. Everyone always grabs for their towel as soon as they are out so that they can wrap themselves up in it! You won’t feel quite as cold if you add lots of softness to your spa bathroom, like a fluffy bathmat and cozy slippers. You might also like to think about electric heated towel rails for your bathroom so that the towel is always warm when you wrap it around you. It’ll be so soft and cozy, you might not want to get dressed!

Use Lots Of Plants
Plants have a very relaxing effect on us whenever they are brought inside. And they can also work wonders in your spa bathroom! Not only will they add some color, but the plants will release oxygen into the air as they grow. All of this extra oxygen can help to clear your mind and help you forget your worries. Wondering which plants are best in your bathroom? I recommend adding some orchids, peace lilies, and ferns.

Install Dimmer Lights
Lots of people enjoy snoozing when they take a dip in the bath, and the best way to help you drop off will be to install some dimmer lights. Then you can make the whole room as dim as you want it. But even if you don’t like sleeping in the bath, you will find that it is a lot easier to relax away from bright lights. Plus, the dimmed light might help any headaches you had throughout the day disappear.

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