Smart Ways To Clear Credit Card Debt For Good

Listen, most of us aren’t financial experts and don’t know the ins and outs of certain financial things. Especially when we were younger, and we sort of went with the flow and did things without thinking. There are loads of people that got a credit card in their early twenties, used it wildly, and are now sitting on a mountain of credit card debt.


As far as debt goes, credit card debt is one of the worst you can have. It quickly piles up and can leave you feeling swamped. You start to wonder if you’ll ever get out of debt. Luckily, there are ways to completely clear your credit card debt and have one less financial thing to worry about.

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Consolidate Your Debt

This sounds like some highly technical financial wizardry, but it’s actually a fairly simple concept to get your head around. Essentially, you can take out a loan and use it to pay off all your credit card debt. If you visit various loan comparison sites, you’ll see how much it costs to borrow as much money as you need to cover your debt. Why do this, I mean, surely it just keeps you in debt anyway? This is true, but you’re in a much more manageable debt now. You’ve no longer got credit card bills and payments racking up all the time and piling the misery on your finances. Instead, you’ve got a simple loan payment plan to follow, which should be designed to fit your budget and make life easy for you. Consolidate your credit card debts, and you no longer have to worry about them.

Move Your Balance To A Different Card

Credit cards have different interest rates depending on which one you applied for. Often, you can rack up a lot of debt on your card, and get slapped with huge interest rates too. This makes the debt spiral out of control, and get bigger and bigger. One smart idea is to move your credit card balance from one card onto a new one with lower interest rates. This can stop your debt from bloating rapidly, and save you lots of money every month. It makes the debt more manageable, and you should be able to pay it off quickly without as much fuss. Of course, make sure you’re fully committed to paying off the debt, or else you’ll take too long, and the interest rates can skyrocket on the new card too.


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Lock Your Cards Away

If you’ve got credit card debt, stop using your credit card! Lock it away in a drawer, and you will make life so much easier. Pay by cash or using a debit card instead. Keep using your card, and you run the risk of increasing the debt every month. It makes it harder to get rid of, and you’ll be in debt for longer. But, stop using the card, and you have a fixed amount of money to pay off, and will stop racking up extra charges and more debt.


Credit card debt is like a financial fire. You need to stamp it out while the flames are small and manageable. Otherwise, the fire can grow into a beast that’s very hard to extinguish. Use my advice to help gain control of your financial situation and clear your credit card debt for good!

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