The Holy Communion Dress and the Symbolic Meaning Behind it

First Holy Communion Dress

First Holy Communion Dress

The First Holy Communion is a major milestone in a child’s life. They are beginning their commitment to The Lord and continuing on in their faith by receiving the Holy Sacraments in their parish in front of their families. This includes an understanding of the holy commandments, more in depth from when they were a younger child.

For a young girl one of the most exciting thing in this process are the first communion dresses As they begin to search and search until they find the perfect one for their special day.

As the day goes on it’s finally time…
All eyes are on her as she makes her way down the aisle for everyone to see beauty and purity in her through God. An amazing and exciting time for her.

What is the the communion dress?

white communion dresses Are used to signify purity, similar to that of a Baptismal dress. A veil is often combined with the dress as a humility and respect to God.

How to chose a communion dress?

All communion dresses Are different for each girl, some girls will want specific styles with different embellishments. This is permitted as long as you check with your church’s guidelines for the dress. For example, some church’s may ask that the dresses have sleeves, things like this is important before purchasing your dress.

How much should I spend on the communion dress?

This all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend on the occaision. Before making any purchases always double check with your parish if the dress is acceptable.

This day is a holy and sacred day for a young child and a lot of preparation goes into this event. Your surrounded by God and your family as you embark on this new journey with God and the church.

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