The Top Three Gadgets That Will Help You Stay Fit And Healthy

Keeping our weight in check: just how to do it seems to be the question of the century. If you asked a room full of regular women if they spend a lot of time workout out, most would say yes. If you asked them, however, whether they saw any results from their fitness regime, many people would also give a resounding ‘no’. The health and fitness industry is so convoluted these days that we tend to find it hard to create a workable and realistic plan when it comes to our health. Many of us might work out three or four times a week, given the chance, but see little to no changes in our bodies. This can be very disappointing and frustrating, especially when we have been working really hard. But interestingly, a lot of this boils down to a lack of education on the root basics of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, technology is here to help us out. With the help of some handy gadgets, you can get back on track with your fitness regime, and hopefully start to see some real changes soon.

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A step tracker

Often feel lethargic and ‘out of it’ when you are at the gym? This could well be because you have already walked miles in one day, meaning you are low on energy reserves. If you are already exhausted before you even get to the gym, you won’t get much out of your workout, and your body will try and retain all the fat it can to keep itself running efficiently. As moms, we spend a lot of time rushing around after our kids – so why not count this as exercise too? Remember, you don’t always need to be in the gym to have a workout. Get yourself a step tracker – either one for your phone or one designed like a wristwatch – and see how many steps you can take in a day.

Smart scales

We all know the dreaded feeling of stepping onto a pair of scales. But what baffles many women who have embarked on a regime of health is how even though they are eating less and moving more, the dial on their scales remains the same. This is because the only thing regular scales are capable of measuring is your basic weight. A pair of smart scales, however, can measure other factors such as bone mass, muscle weight, and water retention. So if you have been working out with a lot of weights, you may have lost body fat, but increased your muscle mass – hence why on the scales your weight is the same. If you want to understand your weight better, it is definitely worth getting a pair of smart scales. You can pick them up from stores such as
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Speed controlled fork

Are you one of those people who is always tempted to wolf their food down? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good meal, of course. But eating your food too quickly can be disastrous for your waistline. It takes around twenty minutes for our stomach to signal to our brain that it is full. Therefore, if you eat too quickly, you may actually be ingesting more than you need to. The ‘Hapi Fork’ is an electronic fork that vibrates when you are eating too fast, reminding you to slow down. Staying fit and healthy can be done alone, but a little extra help from some handy gadgets can never go amiss.

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