10 Things Your Dog Deserves More Of

Are you trying to think of new ways in which you can do more for your dog and make their life better? This is an issue that many dog owners try to confront. They don’t want to have their dogs’ lives lessened for any reason. And there are many examples of dogs getting bored and unhappy because they are not given enough to do by their owners. It can be a real problem in some cases, but it doesn’t have to be the case.

There are all kinds of great things that you can give your dog more of. And, let’s face it, they deserve it. After all the love and happy memories they have given you and will continue to give you and your family, they deserve nothing but the very best. So, always remember that.


Below, you will find details of 10 things that your dog deserves more of. If you can make sure that you give your dog all of these things, they will be happier straight away. They are all relatively simple to provide, so it doesn’t even need to be difficult for you. Read on to learn more.


  1. Water Activities


Water activities are really important for dogs. Most dogs love to spend time in water, but if you don’t live near the coast, it can be difficult to make that happen. However, it is still possible, and you should do whatever you can to make sure that you always provide water activities for your dog. It can be done if you are willing to use your mind and get creative. The first thing to do is ask your vet if they know if any local swimming pools or locations where dog activities are organised. If they’re able to swim, their muscle strength will improve too.


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  1. Dog-Friendly Vacations


Everyone needs a good vacation from time to time, and there is no reason why the same shouldn’t be true for your dog. They need time away from their daily routine. Sure, they might not have to spend every day from 9 to 5 in the office like you do. But they do have to do other things that can tire them out. And the repetitious nature of their lives can sometimes be damaging for them if the routine isn’t broken up. There are plenty of vacation resorts out there that are dog-friendly, so do some research into these. It could be just what your dog needs.


  1. Training


Training is great for your dog and great for you too. It teaches them something new, and it gives them more discipline. Of course, this is good for you because it’s easier to control and manage the behaviour of your dog, which can be very important. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be good for your dog too. Many people fail to realise just how important and helpful training can be for dogs. And it’s not all about obedience either. It can also be about mental stimulation and challenge; both of those things are what your dog needs.


  1. Treats


There is nothing wrong with giving your dog treats. Of course, this is something that needs to be done carefully. You can’t just throw treats at your dog all the time. They will eventually gain weight and become more unhealthy if you do this, and that’s certainly not what you want to happen. Instead, you just need to come up with new ways to make sure that your dog gets treats regularly and that this happens when the treats are deserved. If you can make that happen, you can ensure that your dog remains happy and rewarded.


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  1. Sociability


Sociability is something that matters to animals; it’s not just for humans. And I’m not talking about making sure that there is always people around your dog offering attention. That is important, but it’s more important that your dog also has time to spend with other dogs. It advances their social skills and teaches them something new. You don’t want your dog to grow up virtually unaware of other dogs. That’s not healthy or positive for them at all. You need to make sure that you remember that.


  1. Good Grooming


Good grooming not only helps to keep your dog looking great at all times, but it can also make sure that your dog remains in good health and only ever needs to go to the vet when something serious is wrong. Poor grooming can lead to minor health problems that are entirely preventable. And dogs often enjoy being groomed. It’s like being pampers, and the attention is great for them. You can take them to professional to offer these grooming services if you don’t have the time nor the ability to do it yourself.


  1. Fun


Dogs need to have fun; they’re fun-loving creatures after all. If they are not kept properly happy and entertained throughout the day, they will get bored, and that can be damaging for them. You should play games, and even something as simple as playing fetch with your dog can have a big impact. There are gadgets and toys that can make providing your dog with fun even easier too. Fast Dogs breaks down the petsafe dog ball launcher, so read that and decide whether this is a product that you should get. It could be what your dog needs in order for it to have more fun.


  1. Varied Exercise


Exercise is always going to be important for your dog; that much should be obvious to you already as a dog owner. And there is nothing wrong with taking your dog for walks each day. However, you should try to do a bit more than that. Your dog needs a bit of variety when it comes to how you keep them active. You shouldn’t just taking them on the same walk each day and assume that’s enough. You can do other things like playing frisbee and other sports that are suitable for dogs. That variety will eventually improve their health a lot.


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  1. Comfort at Home


A little extra comfort can make all the difference for your dog. If they are made to feel comfortable when they’re in your home, they will be at ease. This can help their physical and mental health. If your dog is not comfortable at home, they could become more stressed and anxious, and that’s never good in the long-term. Do what you can to make sure that your dog has a place of its own that it can go to whenever it wants to. It should have a bed there that is both comfortable and big enough for them.


  1. Attention


Your dog can never has too much attention. And it’s so easy to neglect your dog when you have a busy lifestyle that often means you have to take care of other things. You should try to dedicate more time to your dog. Simple sitting down with it and petting it can offer that closeness and attention that your dog craves. It doesn’t require much effort to make that happen, so why not make it happen? It could make a huge difference to the wellbeing and mental health of your dog.


As a caring and responsible dog owner, you should make sure that each of the 10 bases above are covered. If your dog has more of all of these things, their lives will be happier, healthier and more fulfilled. That has to be a good thing for them and you as an owner.

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