Things To Learn When Getting A Puppy



If you have decided you are going to get a puppy for you and your family – that’s brilliant. But before you go and bring your new addition to the family home, it would be a good idea to brush up on some things, so that you feel properly prepared for anything.

Once that’s out of the way, you will be able to pick up your pup, and start your new future.




There are tonnes of dog breeds out there, all said to have different traits, personalities and behaviours, so it would be wise to read up on this before you just pick anything. You may want a lap dog that’s calm and placid, but without doing your research first, you may end up choosing a breed that is the complete opposite of that, who is constantly hyper, bouncing off the walls and wants to play fetch every two minutes!



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Consider taking your puppy to some obedience lessons. It is so important to train your dog, and this can be done by yourself with your own set of rules, but going to a class can be very helpful. They will show you exactly the right way to teach them, and your puppy will also get to socialize with other dogs and make friends.




If you learn how to groom your dog, you can end up saving yourself a lot of money over the years. There are many ways that you can pick up some dog grooming tips, whether that be through books or online. You could even have a look at any classes they give in your area.




New locations

You’re going to be walking an awful lot now you have a dog because they need all the exercise they can get. But instead of taking them to the same park every single day, it can be a nice change of scenery if you go somewhere else, not only for your dog but for you too.

It can get pretty boring after a while, seeing the same set of trees and grass all the time. So get looking at other parks in the area, look out for lakes and rivers that your dog may enjoy playing in. And don’t be afraid of going too far! – If the weather’s really good one day, when not go for a drive up to somewhere nice and have a day out in the sun?



Body language

Being able to understand your dog’s body language can be such an amazing skill to have. This is what dogs do with us, they read our bodies and faces, and by doing this, they know what emotion we’re feeling. So studying how your pup reacts when they do certain things could be a real insight for you.

For example, when you see a dog wagging their tail, you instantly associate this with happiness and excitement. But dogs actually use their tail for a lot of other strong emotions too like anger! So reading your dog can be very helpful.

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