Ensure Your Child Has Happy Memories When They Grow Up With This Advice

I think as parents the top thing we hope for is that our kid looks back at their childhood with fondness. After all, we want them to have happy memories to tell their future kids and grandkids about! Therefore, here is some advice you need to ensure your child has happy memories when they grow up!


Go on plenty of days out together

It’s often not the things you buy your kid, but the time that you spend together that they remember. After all, a toy will only last a few years, while a day out will create memories that will last forever. Therefore, make sure you are putting your kid first by spending quality time together as a family at weekends. Days out to theme parks and the zoo will be memories your child looks back at with fondness. You can check out our previous blog for more ideas of ways you can spend the day with your child.

Limit rows with your partner

You will be surprised how much kids can remember about rows between their parents. After all, it’s scary to see two people they love arguing in front of them. And it can often dampen their memories when they look back at their childhood. Therefore, to ensure they have a happy childhood, you need to avoid rows with your partner in front of your kid. Of course, you might have little rows with your spouse; no one gets on 24/7! But try and do it away from your child to ensure they have happy memories.

Ensure they have special birthdays

As much as buying your child a great present will fill them with joy on their birthday, it’s often how they spend the day which will create a lasting memory. Therefore, make sure they have a special birthday party which they will love. You might want to arrange a family party so that they spend their birthday with their loved ones. Or you could even arrange a fun party with their friends. You could do an activity such as bowling or laser tag. And you could even contact the venue to see if they do kids birthday parties. That way, you can all enjoy the cake at the center without having to go back to yours! It will definitely leave happy memories for your child!


Record the happy times

It’s often hard for kids to remember their childhood. But if you want to remind them of the good times, you should ensure you record the happy events in their life. Take plenty of pictures and videos which you can show them when they grow up. That way, you will give their memories a boost. Some moms even start a diary which they use to record special moments as their child is growing up. Then they give this to their little one when they are fully grown up. This article has some good tips on keeping a memory journal for your child!

When was the last time you told your kid you loved them? It’s so important that you tell them and cuddle them as much as possible so that they know how much you care! That way, they will look back fondly at their childhood.




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  1. Reina says:

    With my three kids I have planned many parties. Choosing a theme has always been so difficult for me, especially because sometimes my kids chose complicated ones and I have to make the decorations myself. But I believe that they will look back one day and be grateful for everything I did and hopefully pass those things on to their own children.

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